The American Major League Baseball (MLB) Cleveland Guardians recruited right-handed starting pitcher Lucas Giolito (29), right-handed bullpen Reynaldo Lopez (29), and left-handed pitcher Matt Moore (34). The day before yesterday (30th), Cleveland claimed (intended to recruit) those who had been announced on waivers by the LA Angels.온라인바카라

As a result, Cleveland will have to pay their $3.5 million remaining salary for this season. The Angels, who exceeded the luxury tax threshold by about $2.26 million, also avoided the luxury tax. The Angels have achieved their goal.

Cleveland is currently in second place in the American League (AL) Central Division with 64 wins and 70 losses. They are 5 games behind the first-place team, the Minnesota Twins (69 wins, 65 losses).

In the wild card race, it is not easy as they are 11.5 games away from the third place team in the wild card, but mathematically, they can aim for first place in the AL Central Division. It looks like they are making a final all-out effort by reinforcing one starter and two bullpen players.

Of note are Giolito and Lopez. This is because by changing to the Cleveland uniform, I have been playing for the same team for 12 years.

Their first team is the Washington Nationals. Giolito joined Washington in the 2012 rookie draft (16th overall in the first round), and Lopez joined Washington through an international contract in 2012.

They were traded together to the Chicago White Sox in December 2016, when they made their major league debuts together. Washington, which was the strongest team in the Eastern Division of the National League (NL) at the time, received outfielder Adam Eaton from the White Sox for a ‘win now’, and it was the price of this deal.

And both players blossomed for the White Sox. Giolito pitched 929 innings over seven years for the White Sox, recording 59 wins and 52 losses, an earned run average (ERA) of 4.20, and 993 strikeouts. In 2019, he was ranked 6th in the AL Cy Young Award along with his first All-Star appearance. Lopez also worked as a starter and bullpen for seven years, posting a record of 33 wins, 44 losses, 19 holds, 4 saves, and an ERA of 4.38 in 611.2 innings.

Thanks to their performance, the White Sox advanced to the postseason for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021.

However, after giving up on this year’s performance and making a ‘fire sale’, the White Sox traded those who had devoted themselves to the team to the Angels on the 27th of last month. They gave up those who were set to become free agents after this season half a year early and acquired promising players.

However, this time, as they were claimed together by Cleveland, they became a strange ‘community of destiny’, playing together for 4 teams for 12 years.

Cleveland general manager Chris Antonetti welcomed their recruitment, saying, “Opportunities to improve the team don’t come along often,” and “opportunities to acquire good players without a trade are even rarer.”

Giolito and Lopez, who have been a ‘one team’ for 12 years, are paying attention to what kind of report card they will receive in this season, which is likely to be their last.

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