Lee Jeong-hoo (25, Kiwoom) hit a home run to end the extra time and gave the team a dramatic victory.

Lee Jung-hoo fired a two-run home run at the end of the 10th inning against the KIA Tigers in the ‘2023 KBO League’ held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 16th, with one company and first base.

Lee Jung-hoo, who entered the final at-bat, watched Kim Dae-yu (KIA) strike the first pitch, and then made a big miss at the high curve of the second pitch. He tilted his head with a swing that was not typical of Lee Jung-hoo, who won 5 hits. There were no hits in the previous at-bat, so expectations could have fallen.

Lee Jung-hoo was Lee Jung-hoo.

When the slider moved to the middle in the ball count 2B2S, he hit it hard with a soft yet big swing and hit the ball over the right wall with a trajectory close to a straight line. On August 12, 2020, Lee Jung-hoo, who hit the second home run in his personal career about 1000 days after the Gocheok Hanwha match, stepped home while being congratulated by his teammates for’water baptism’. Gocheok Dome instantly fell into a frenzy.

Lee Jung-hoo, who won the MVP last season and won 5 batting crowns, is the best hitter in the KBO League who announced that he will advance to the major leagues (MLB) at the end of this season. There is even a saying that the most useless worry in the world is ‘Worrying about hitting Lee Jung-hoo’.

However, at the beginning of the opening season, he struggled with a batting average of 10%. Lee Jung-hoo, who made his debut in the 2017 season, took a batting average of around 30% at the same time of the previous season. It was difficult to find a clear strike zone setting or excellent contact ability like before. It can be seen as his lowest flow since his debut. Even before the game-ending home run, he had no hits in the game, and his batting average was in the low 20% range.

Some experts diagnosed this as “a phenomenon that occurs when Lee Jung-hoo, who is aiming to advance to the MLB, slightly revises his batting form to prepare for a confrontation with fastball pitchers.” No luck either. He was often caught even when he hit hard balls, and pitchers also avoided active matches. On this day, too, he went on base with an intentional sand ball. However, Lee Jung-hoo said that he would continue the batting he had prepared before the season in the league.

In the midst of this,토스카지노 after hitting the game-ending home run, the words that baseball fans wanted the most came out of Lee Jung-hoo’s mouth. After the match, Lee Jung-hoo said in front of reporters, “I am really happy that the team won. I feel better with the swing I wanted for the first time this year.” Feeling satisfied with the swing can expect a signal flare of a rebound. Originally, it means that entry into orbit is getting closer after this stop.

It cannot be concluded that Lee Jung-hoo survived with just one home run. However, it is definitely meaningful that he continued the blows he had been preparing for, and produced results with satisfactory swings in the process.

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