This season, the American Major League made significant rule changes, including the introduction of the pitch clock. The pitcher’s number of runner checks and defensive shifts were limited, and the size of each base was increased.바카라

The intent of the rule change was clear. In a word, it was ‘hit more, run more’. He was concerned that his irritation with ‘home run or strikeout’ baseball would lead to a decline in the league’s popularity.

Atlanta outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. (26) is showing baseball with his whole body that the Major League Secretariat expected. He plays more dynamic baseball than anyone else. Even while hitting home runs, he constantly hits and runs.

Acuña has recorded 29 home runs and 61 stolen bases until the away game in Colorado on the 30th. This is the pace of the season with 36 home runs and 75 stolen bases. He was originally a fast-footed player, including 37 stolen bases in the 2019 season, but this year he has been playing especially a lot. In other words, he is maximizing the effect of the rule revision.

If Acuña hits just one more home run, he will join the unprecedented 30 (home run)-60 (steal base) club. 20-60 is all that 3 people including Ricky Henderson recorded 6 times so far.

Depending on how Acuña spends the rest of the season, not only 30-60, but also 40-50, 50-30, and more combinations are possible. 40-80 is also not impossible. The record for most stolen bases by a hitter with 40 or more homers so far is 42 home runs and 46 stolen bases by Alex Rodriguez (then Seattle) in 1998.

In addition to home runs and steals, a high batting average of 0.335 is also notable. Since his big league debut in the 2018 season, Acuña’s bat, which has never exceeded the batting average of 30%, has become incredibly sophisticated. Miami’s Luis Araes’ batting average, which once exceeded 40%, has fallen to 0.350, so it is worth trying to challenge the batting king.

Acuña is competing for MVP of the National League with Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers), who has a batting average of 0.312, an OPS of 1.012, 35 homers and 10 stolen bases. It is evaluated that Betts is still ahead in the win contribution ratio (WAR), including batting productivity and defense, but if Acuna creates a home run-stealing combination of 30-60 or more, the meaning is not small. If Acuña becomes the MVP from the first year that the major leagues advocated a new baseball and revised the rules, that too could be recorded as a symbolic event.

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