An Italian reporter strongly opposed Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Bayern Munich. This is because the tactical style of Munich coach Thomas Tuchel will not match Kim Min-jae.

Italy’s Area Napoli reported on the 5th (Korean time), “Paolo del Genio, a reporter from Naples’ local radio ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’, negatively evaluated Min-jae Kim’s decision to move to Munich.”

According to the media, Del Genio said, “Kim Min-jae’s choice did not convince me. Do you know what kind of football Tuhell plays?”메이저사이트주소

Del Genio’s argument is as follows. The tactic that Tuhell pursues is a style with a lowered defensive line, so it is a story that it will not suit Min-jae Kim, who has shown strength in tactics that raise the line high.

Del Genio said, “It’s not that I don’t want Kim Min-jae to succeed because he left Napoli,” and added, “I’m skeptical of this transfer because of the way Munich plays that reflects Tuchel’s philosophy.”

He continued, “Kim Min-jae is good at playing in a high-line team because he is strong in defense that moves in advance. On the other hand, Tuhel is one of the best managers who prefers to lower the center of gravity of the defense.”

In fact, Kim Min-jae performed his best in Naples, where the line was raised high. He actively participated in the attack or covered the widened back space at high speed. He preoccupied the position and won the ball in the air or blocked the opponent’s pass in advance. In particular, Kim Min-jae ranked 3rd in speed among Serie A defenders last season, so opponents could not dare to counterattack. On the other hand, Tuchel kept the defensive line low even when he was Chelsea manager at the beginning of the 2022/23 season.

But in Munich it is different. Germany has the best power, so there is a lot of time to stay in the opponent’s camp during the game. Naturally, the rear center backs also have to come up to a high position to be involved in the build-up.

Even after Julian Nagelsmann left and Tuchel took over, this stance was maintained. In the second half of the season, when the main goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was injured, Munich was one of the teams that raised the defensive line so that the defense was easily shaken because there was no goalkeeper to cover the vast back space.

Contrary to Del Genio’s concerns, Tuchel’s Munich is also using tactics that Kim Min-jae can adapt to. Of course, since he was appointed during the season, it may be that Tuhell kept the original goal. It remains to be seen how the tactics will change next season, starting from the preseason, but considering the style of Munich and Kim Min-jae so far, it is a combination that cannot fail.

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