Hakim Jiyesi, who had to spend the rest of the 2022/23 season at Chelsea due to the cancellation of the loan to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) 슬롯사이트 in France, almost went to Tottenham in the transfer market last winter.

Global sports media ‘The Athletic’ said on the 3rd, “Tottenham asked Chelsea if they could bring Jiyeshi, but they were initially rejected.” I sent a sign that it was possible,” he said.

However, Jiyeshi’s move to Tottenham was cancelled. This is because Tottenham had already been negotiating with the Dutch side resource Arnaud Danzuma, who was playing for Villarreal.

Tottenham has been looking for new players who can actively play on the left and right sides in this winter transfer market.

As a result, Danzuma was selected on the left, and Pedro was brought in on the right. Both are leased for six months, but in the case of prisoners, the difference is that they transfer to Tottenham unconditionally next season.

According to The Athletic, if Chelsea had responded to Tottenham’s offer from the start, Jiyeshi could have come instead of Danjuma.

Since Son Heung-min is currently playing on the left wing of Tottenham, Ji Ye-shi could have competed with Son Heung-min.

Unlike Son Heung-min, who mainly uses his right foot and excels at his left foot, Ji Ye-shi is a player specializing in the left foot.

Jiyeshi has appeared in 10 of 20 Premier League matches for Chelsea this season, but his position within the team has narrowed enough to start only 4 of them.

However, he played a big role at the Qatar World Cup held at the end of last year, becoming a protagonist in the legend of the semifinals in Morocco, and later received love calls from several clubs.

Jiyeshi decided to rent to PSG through the winter transfer window, which ended on the 1st, and went to Paris, but PSG was canceled due to Chelsea having problems with paperwork and returned to London.

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