Ah! One unfortunate judgment.

Even though Kim Ha-seong played a good role in the American Major League, he left a regret with one base run play. He would have been fine if his team had won, but he lost after an extra-long battle, forcing a deeper sigh to come out.

On the 8th (Korean time), Kim Ha-seong started as the first and second baseman in the home game against the New York Mets held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA. San Diego won 3 in a row, and the Mets met during a 5-game winning streak. Here, the selection for both teams was Darvish Yu-Justin Verlander. A fierce battle was expected.

The role of Kim Ha-seong was important. A face-to-face match between the rising teams. Getting on base and getting first was important. Kim Ha-seong did his part. He came out as the top hitter in the bottom of the first inning when the team gave him the first run, and singled out a walk against Verlander. And he even stole second base. Season 16 Stealing Base. Manny Machado completed the chance created by Kim Ha-seong with a double with one RBI and left-middle. Thanks to Kim Ha-seong, it was tied.

In the 2nd and 4th innings, he withdrew with straight hits and strikeouts, but hit a decisive double in the 4th at-bat in the 7th inning. A situation where both teams faced 3-3 with no runners in the second out. Ha-seong Kim met left-hander Brooks Rayleigh from the Lotte Giants, whom he faced off against in the KBO League. Against the familiar Rayleigh, Kim Ha-seong pulled out a double in the left field that escaped the side of the third baseman. It was the second half of the game, and a 1-point score in a tie situation could have been the final score for San Diego.메이저사이트주소

But it should have stopped at second base. While the opponent’s defense slowed down, he ran to third base. It was a crowd. He was out on third base. If it was the first company, it would have been meaningful to go to third base considering the sacrifice fly, but it was the second company. And behind him was Juan Soto, one of the league’s best sluggers. So, in many ways, it was an unfortunate decision.

Was it the aftermath? San Diego lost 5-7 in overtime. End of winning streak. The Mets went on a six-game winning streak. Kim Ha-sung’s batting average for the season slightly increased from 2.50 4 to 2.5 5.

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