I caught emotion, romance, and even fun.

Incheon United’s ‘Operation Wugosa Landing’, which brought the ‘Destroyed Sword Finisher’ after a year, is drawing a lot of attention. The first ‘airport official’ in Korea was fun and even touched.

Incheon announced the return of striker Mugosa, who left for Vissel Kobe in Japan’s J1 League last summer. His contract is until 2025.

Mugosa joined Incheon in the 2018 season and participated in 129 games in 5 seasons, scoring 68 points and recording 10 assists, and was the center of the team’s attack. However, when the buyout clause was activated in June last summer, he left for Vissel Kobe.

he wasn’t smooth Mugosa only made 5 appearances in the first season of his transfer. Among them, he started only one game, and the playing time was 86 minutes. He was often left out of the roster and failed to establish himself. The 2023 season was the same. He only appeared as a substitute in 2 games, and there was no attack point that Mugosa raised in Kobe.

Mugosa tried to terminate the contract with Kobe himself, but it was not smooth. The Kobe side held on to Mugosa even while activating the buyout clause.

In response, Incheon changed the situation with an official letter sent to Kobe earlier this month while looking for a way to bring Mugosa. It was after Incheon sent a letter of intent to Kobe on the 2nd that it would begin negotiations for a 2024 contract with Mugosa, which will qualify for FA (free agent) at the end of this season.

If Mugosa agrees to a contract with Incheon for the next season, Kobe cannot send Mugosa to another club while collecting the transfer fee in the transfer market this summer. Wanting to collect the transfer fee, Kobe first proposed to Mugosa to terminate the agreement. Wugosa also gave up the remaining annual salary, and the landing operation for Wugosa in Incheon took place in earnest.

After the Mugosa ‘Comeback’ was confirmed, Incheon’s head was busy. I was thinking about how to proceed with Mugosa’s ‘Official’, which has been an indispensable player in Incheon for the past 5 seasons. It was all the more so because it has recently become fashionable to feature distinctive ‘officials’ in the K-League.

Accordingly, Incheon decided to first convey the news to the fans through videos rather than photos, and even through ‘live’. Incheon announced a special live broadcast to commemorate the 20th anniversary and the first Asian Champions League (ACL), but everything was focused on ‘Mugosa’s return’.

CEO Jeon Jeon-soo and Head of Power Reinforcement Office Lim Joong-yong communicated with fans in real time, then moved to the place where Mugosa entered the country and presented a ‘surprise gift’ to the fans. Mugosa, who took off her outerwear toward the camera, was wearing the Incheon uniform of ‘destroyed sword’. For the first airport official in Korea, the fans’ reaction was hot.

Incheon was ranked 9th (24 points), just above the relegation zone. Recently suffering from a goal drought, he longed for a striker, but thanks to the recruitment of Mugosa, he can aim for a rebound in the second half. However, one of the problems that needs to be solved is ‘game sense and stamina’ because he has not been able to participate in the recent game.메이저놀이터

Mugosa said, “I want to lead the team’s rebound in the second half with familiar places and people, coaches and colleagues. I am grateful to the best Incheon fans and citizens who have been waiting for my return. Like coach Cho Sung-hwan’s motto, I want to play soccer that gives them joy. I will prove that Incheon is still strong.”

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