‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (47) teamed up with his son Charlie (13, USA) and tied for second place on the first day at the PNC Championship (total prize money of $1,085,000).

Woods and his son jointly scored 13 under par 59 in the first round of the tournament held at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club (par 72, 7,106 yards) in Orlando, Florida, USA today (18th) (Korean time).

The PNC Championship is an event of the PGA Champions Tour, where players who have won major tournaments or the Players Championship compete in teams of two with their families.

Woods and his son recorded a 13-under-par 59 with 11 birdies and 1 eagle without a bogey that day.

The game was played in a way that two players from the same team each tee shot and continued the next play with the ball placed in a better position.

Justin Thomas (USA) Joe, who played in a group with his father, took first place alone with 15 under par 57 strokes, and Vijay Singh (Fiji) 토토 Joe, who came out with his son, tied for second place with Woods and Boo Boo with 13 under par 59 strokes.

Woods, who finished his first hole with a par, caught his first birdie on hole 2 (par 4).

His son Charlie’s second shot went 1.2m to the side of the hole and cut one stroke.

Charlie seemed to complain of pain in his left ankle after his tee shot on the 3rd hole (par 5), but Woods continued his momentum with great success.

Woods, who put a 7.5m long birdie putt in hole 4 (par 3), caught the eagle with a chip shot from outside the green in hole 5 (par 5).

Tim Woods reduced strokes on eight consecutive holes from 4th through 11th, with the only eagle coming on the 5th hole.

In hole 6 (par 4), Woods’ 2.5m birdie putt headed into the hole, and in hole 7 (par 4), Charlie’s 4.5m birdie putt went in.

Woods made several mid-to-long putts that day.

He reduced the number of strokes with a mid-distance putt over 4m in hole 8 (par 3), and the distance of putt for birdie in hole 9 (par 4) was over 9m.

Woods, who finished the first nine holes in good spirits, smiled and clashed fists with his son, Charlie.

On the 10th hole (par 4), Woods shot his second shot from 62 yards to the side of the hole, and his son Charlie finished it with a birdie.

In the 13th hole (par 4), Woods sent the ball, which was placed in a somewhat difficult backswing position, to the hole about 2m away, and Charlie also reduced the number of strokes with a birdie putt.

Woods and his son are competing in this event for three consecutive years, finishing 7th in 2020 and runner-up last year.

Annika Sorenstam (Sweden) Joe, who also competed with her son, and Nellie Korda (USA) Joe, who accompanied her tennis player father, finished the first day in a tie for 12th place with a 10 under par 62 strokes.