The last time Seong-Hyeon Park, who has seven LPGA wins, won the championship was the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship in June 2019. And in August of that year, after placing 8th at the AIG Women’s Championship, her ‘Top 10’ also disappeared.

The year that he won his 7th career victory, Sung-Hyun Park set a new record in Korean golf history on the LPGA Tour, the longest stroke. Seong-Hyeon Park, who averaged 275.54 yards in 2019, was the longest stroke ever by a Korean female golfer and ranked 6th in the LPGA Drive Shot Distance ranking.

She was widely known for her long hitter from the time she entered the LPGA stage. She started 7th in 2017 (270.63 yards), then ranked 6th in 2018 (269.80 yards), and also ranked 6th in 2019.

However, after a shoulder injury, his slugging power began to decline. He dropped to 30th in 2020 (260.77 yards), 38th in 2021 (263.24 yards), 41st in 2022 (263.53 yards) and now this year to 109th (254.93 yards).

Unfortunately, his sluggishness coincides with the time when his long hitting power started to disappear.

Park Sung-hyun, who showed signs of a revival for a while last year, is in a serious slump to the point of missing the cut five times in six tournaments this season.

Although not as much as Park Seong-hyun, Lee Jung-eun 6 is also suffering from a terrible slump this year. He has competed in 6 tournaments this year, and he is seeing the bitter taste of missing consecutive cuts in the latest 4 tournaments.

Lee Jung-Eun 6 also shows no signs of escaping from sluggishness as the flight distance has significantly decreased. In 2019, when Lee Jeong-eun 6 won the rookie of the year and entered the LPGA stage with splendor, she ranked 34th (265.47 yards) in the drive shot distance category. He didn’t have a flashy long hit, but his distance was good enough to compete with Western players with good physique. In 2020, when Corona 19 was rampant, it was mainly active on the domestic stage, and in 2021, the long hit ranking was slightly pushed to 46th place (261.65 yards), and then to 75th place (257.75 yards) in 2022, and this year it fell to 115th place (253.13 yards). .

It cannot be said to be a slump, but it can be said that Kim Se-young, who once played the role of a ‘one-two punch’ in Korean women’s golf along with Ko Jin-young, also lost news of her victory as her long hit ranking fell behind.

Kim Se-young, who started with 10th place in long drives (263.02 yards) in 2015 when he was a rookie, climbed to 4th place (272.33 yards) in 2016, then fell back to 18th place (264.59 yards) in 2017, and from 2018 to 2021, he held out in the top 20 in long drives. My grades weren’t that bad. However, last year he was a little further behind at 32nd (265.42 yards) and is still in the top 40th at 45th (264.71 yards) this year. In the case of Kim Sei-young, she is passing the same distance as when she first entered the LPGA tour, but as the number of long hitters from different countries increased, she is falling in the long hit rankings.

Although she didn’t win last year, Kim Se-young, who had been in the top 25 14 times, including five ‘top 10’, participated in six competitions this year, never ranked in the top 10, and the best result was a tie for 20th place. .

Among the players who lost their slugging power, the worst would be Jang Ha-na, who was active on the LPGA tour and is now playing on the domestic stage.

In 2017, when she returned to the KLPGA tour, Jang Ha-na’s drive shot distance was 21st (251.00 yards). Since then, with long hitting power such as 18th in 2018 (247.63 yards), 13th in 2019 (246.80 yards), 6th in 2020 (248.25 yards), and 11th in 2021 (245.78 yards), he stepped up to the height of 20 wins. However, Jang Ha-na’s slugging ranking dropped to 52nd (236.90 yards) last year, and this year, he dropped to 120th (206.21 yards), the lowest among players in the rankings.

Jang Ha-na, who suddenly lost her ability to hit long shots, is unable to break free from the vicious cycle of giving up and missing the cut. Last week, I received 3,195,000 won in prize money for participating in the Doosan Match Play Championship, which was the first prize I had in my 18th tournament since the High1 Resort Women’s Open in August last year.

It is the law of nature to grow one year older after each year, and it is also a law of nature that one’s physical strength decreases if one does not take special care of one’s body. It is fate that everyone has no choice but to reduce the distance little by little. The problem is that a player with long hitting power can be shocked and mentally collapsed if the distance suddenly decreases. That is why it will be more difficult for a player who has lost hitting power to escape the slump.스포츠토토

However, there are quite a few players on the LPGA tour who have succeeded despite short distances like Mo Martin (USA). Long hitters and short hitters all have a way to survive.

It is up to you and your homework to decide whether to give up here or try to change things.

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