Shintaro Fujinami (29) of the Oakland Athletics, who is challenging the major leagues. It is sluggish at the beginning of the season due to a difficult game, but it is still highly anticipated by the local media.

On the 23rd (Korean time), Fujinami started against the Texas Rangers in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, USA. He revealed a chronic problem with pitching, and was sluggish with 7 hits, 1 home run, 3 walks, 8 runs and 2 strikeouts in 2 innings.

Auckland was dragged around giving away the victory due to Fujinami’s massive conceding from the beginning of the game. In the end, they lost heavily to Texas, 3-18. This season, Fujinami became a losing pitcher in all four games, and only managed 15 innings. His earned run average also soared to 14.40.

On this day, Fujinami’s fastball was also powerful. His highest speed was 100.6 miles (162 km). His total number of pitches was 72, with only 42 of them being ruled strikes. The ball, which was driven in the middle of the zone, was often hit hard by Texas batters.

Fujinami, who could hardly shake off his sluggishness. Nevertheless, it is true that it is still receiving a lot of attention., the official homepage of the major leagues, announced the news of Fujinami’s appearance, saying, ‘Fujinami is off to a bad start in the big leagues, but Fujinami is one of the most interesting players in Oakland. It’s because he can sometimes hit triple digits with a speed gun,’ he said, revealing his anticipation for Fujinami. At the same time, he also pointed out the downside, saying, ‘The ball is still a problem’.

Until last year, Fujinami played for the Hanshin Tigers of Nippon Professional Baseball. He is a fire bowler with a fast ball average speed of 154 km. His pitch was poor, but his fastball was good enough to attract the attention of major league scouts. Fujinami crossed the Pacific on a one-year, $3.25 million deal with Oakland.

He has achieved his dream of entering the big leagues, but he will be pushed out of the race for survival if he does not catch his ball. After the match against Texas, Fujinami blamed himself for “It was a very bad day. He couldn’t throw a strike with his fastball”, but vowed to “adjust the mechanics and do better next game”.

“Fujinami needs confidence with his fastball,” Oakland coach Mark Courtsay said.

He is Fujinami,먹튀검증 who has only shown a disappointing figure yet. However, his fast ball is still attractive. If he catches only the pitches that can run the game, his chances of success in the big leagues are also expected to increase.

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