When the team’s victory was confirmed, Jeon Sae-yan shed hot tears.

During the offseason, Jeon Sae-yan focused on rehab due to an elbow injury. His own performance at the beginning of the season was not shown because he had less training time than others. At the point of entering the 3rd round, Korea Expressway Corporation held the 3rd round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s IBK Industrial Bank match at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th.

In this game, Jeon Sae-yan stepped on the court as a substitute, not as a starter, but kept the court until the end. And the team won a valuable victory with a set score of 3-2 (25-21, 25-20, 28-30, 20-25, 15-9) after a full set match.

Jeon Sae-yan, who showed her own performance after a long wait, said, “I thought it would be okay after one game, time would solve it, but she was already in the third round. She said that if she did this, she would not be able to do it, and she strongly ate her heart differently,” she confessed her mindset.

And in this game, she has spent most of her time on the court this season. This also led to her performance. Jeon Sae-yan scored 22 points, her team’s most points and her personal best in a single game. She’s been in double digits this season.

Jeon Sae-yan said, “There has not been a game where I have scored in double digits this season. She said the day before that she wanted to do it while talking with 토토 (Bae) Yuna and her older sister (laughs). During the game, she did not think about scoring. She hit the attack as well as she was good at, and it was good that it led to goals,” she explained.

Jeon Sae-yan, who laid the foundation for a rebound, shed tears in an interview with a broadcaster after the game. Jeon Sae-yan said, “It was good that we won the game, but tears poured out as all the thoughts overlapped.”

Im Myung-ok, who entered the interview room together, said, “Sayan suffered a lot. She gave up her hardships, and while she was sitting there, the things she had accumulated would have exploded,” she encouraged.

Director Kim Jong-min also expressed his delight at Jeon Sae-yan’s performance. Director Kim said, “It must have been very difficult in the meantime. Overall, the balance was broken, so I couldn’t receive or attack. If Jeon Sae-yan can keep the court for a long time, we will easily solve the game. I hope you will overcome it.”

The player himself wanted to stay on the court for a long time. To do that, I picked receiving as my first goal. Saiyan Jeon said, “I was able to play the game even in the 5th set situation because I endured the receiving in this game as well. After receiving well, I want to focus on attacking.”

He continued, “I scored a lot by using blocking in the attack last season, but this part didn’t work well in the beginning of the season. He continued to think about the good parts of this game and went on the attack. He hopes to do well in receiving and attacking.”