Kim Yeong-deok (87), former OB, Samsung, and Binggrae coach, passed away on the 21st at the age of 87.

Former manager Kim was born in Japan in 1936 and joined the Ninkai Hawks in 1956 and played as a professional player.

After he came to Korea in 1964 after retiring from Japanese professional baseball, he played for Korea Shipping Corporation, Crown Beer, and Hanil Bank.

In 1970, he became a player and manager of Hanil Bank and started his leadership career. In 1982, he took over the OB Bears’ baton. He led OB to a 1982 Korean Series victory.

After that, he went through Samsung Lions and Binggrae Eagles, and in 1998, he ended his career as a leader after coaching the second group of the LG Twins. He recorded 707 wins, 480 losses and 20 draws in 1207 KBO League career games.

Former manager Kim Young-deok is synonymous with the ‘first’ in Korean baseball. Because he has countless firsts.

First of all, it remains as the first case of playing in Korean baseball as a Japanese professional baseball player.

Even as a player, he was not flashy. It is known that he achieved the perfect game for the first time in Korean baseball history. 온라인카지노 (However, the record was later corrected. Go Sun-seon remains the first pitcher in the unemployed baseball perfect game.)

Achievement of two no-hit no-runs is also the only record.

He was also famous for introducing the first slider to Korean baseball. At that time, Kim Young-deok’s slider was known as a harness. Hitters had to go through a lot of trouble chasing the ball that kept running away from right-handed hitters.

Here, he remains as the widely known Korean professional baseball first champion coach. He led OB to the top team and became the first champion.

It was also the first case that the winning coach moved the team. In 1984, he made a big impact when he moved to coach Samsung, a rival team.

In 1985, it was the only one in history to establish a monumental achievement of winning the combined championship of the former and latter leagues. There was criticism that it was a trick to make up for the weakness of being weak in the short game, but it is very meaningful that the team was able to finish both the first and second half in first place.

As such, former coach Kim Young-deok is a person who has set numerous ‘first’ records in Korean baseball history. He was a baseball player who worked hard for Korean baseball as a pioneer and pioneer.

The numerous ‘first’ records he left behind will forever remain in Korean baseball history along with the memory of a baseball player named Kim Young-deok.

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