Kang Hyeon-soo (G, 181cm), a senior at Chung-Ang University, hoped to win the championship and play a game without regret.

Kang Hyeon-soo of Chung-Ang University recorded 20 points, 1 rebound and 4 assists in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match against Sangmyung University held at the Sangmyung University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 28th, leading the team to a 82-63 victory.

Kang Hyeon-soo, whom we met after the game, said, “It was great to have 4 consecutive victories in the opening game, and I was embarrassed that Sangmyung University was different from the first game, but we were able to win 4 in a row because we did well as we prepared.”

What is the other side of Sangmyung University against Chung-Ang University? Kang Hyun-soo said, “In defense, aggressiveness, and (Lee) Kang-hyun came out on purpose to shoot, but he knew all about it and memorized all the patterns. But I think I was able to play well because the coach prepared in advance.”

I was embarrassed by the opponent’s appearance different from the first game, but Chung-Ang University went through well and won by 19 points. He hoped to continue his winning streak, saying, “Last year, I broke my 5-game winning streak, but this time I want to go beyond last year and try to win 6 games in a row at the top of the group.”

Kang Hyun-soo,카지노 who was originally a shooting guard. However, he has been leading the team as a point guard this season. Kang Hyeon-soo said, “As injured players came out, I saw number 1 during winter training, but I felt a sense of responsibility because I was in a position to be active and lead. (Kim) I watched number 1 without Hyubum, but I think I had a good experience,” he explained why he took on the role of point guard.

Furthermore, he revealed his ambition to win. Kang Hyun-soo said, “My goal is to win the match, but I want to play without regret. It would be nice to win big, but I hope everyone will play and come out without regrets even if it boils.”

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