Director Sean Dyche was also surprised by Antonio Conte’s remarks.

Tottenham Hotspur recently parted ways with Conte. He achieved significant achievements when he arrived midway through his last season, but his performance this season was below expectations. As they were eliminated from all cup competitions, their ‘no relation’ was confirmed, and even the 4th place was shaken. As a result, hard rumors came up.

However, it is not ‘sexual sluggishness’ that pulls the trigger of hardship. After the draw against Southampton last week, Conte publicly criticized the attitude of the players, the club and chairman Daniel Levy on the official front.

“The problem we showed is that it’s not like one team. We were just a collection of 11 players. We saw players who were selfish. There were players who didn’t play for each other,” he said. He continued, “This is the story of Tottenham. It has been under the same owner for 20 years, but it has not gained anything. Why?”

It was literally a ‘bomb’ statement. It was a fact that everyone knew that Tottenham’s situation was not good. But even in such a situation, it is the manager’s job to set the mood in the team right. However, manager Conte stood at the forefront and shook Tottenham.

As the same manager, Conte’s remarks were quite surprising. After taking the Watford baton in 2011, Everton’s coach Daichi, who has been continuing his coaching career so far, was quite surprised by his remarks. According to the Liverpool Echo, he said:카지노 “Like most people, I was surprised by Conte’s comments because I knew he was having a good time and was a man with a firm philosophy.”

“There must have been a reason. Football is a very emotional sport and maybe Conte let his emotions run wild. I wonder why he did that. Was it planned or did it happen in that moment? “, he wondered.

Nonetheless, Daichi defended Conte. “Conte is a man who has influenced a lot of clubs,” he said. “Perhaps Conte thought it was the right moment for him to do that,” he said.

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