Join the ranks of oil money without returning to Chelsea?

According to the global football media ‘’, Romelu Lukaku is in Saudi Arabia for the first round of negotiations for the transfer of Al-Hilal.메이저놀이터

Chelsea signed Lukaku, who showed off the performance of a monster striker from Inter Milan in August 2021. It was a reunion after 7 years. It spent 150 billion won, the highest amount in team history.

However, Lukaku’s return to Chelsea failed. He showed the fall of a giant striker while not showing a flashing appearance other than the shiny one in the beginning.

Even after that, he failed to pull out a reversal of the atmosphere while showing lower-than-expected performances, and left Chelsea and reunited with Inter Milan through a loan transfer.

Lukaku’s performance is not good at Inter Milan either. As injuries and slumps overlap, there is no significant impact.

Inter Milan also does not want to completely recruit Lukaku, so it is a situation where he has to return to his original team Chelsea after the end of this season.

Chelsea have reportedly not given Lukaku a clear signal that he will be a part of the team, with new manager Mauricio Pochettino at the helm.

The Saudi Arabia league is a popular stage for superstars to finish their careers. This is because the level has improved compared to before and you can get a hefty salary.

They recruited Cristiano Ronaldo and enjoyed the effect, and with Karim Benzema, the atmosphere of utopia is expected to gain momentum.

In this situation, it is reported that Al-Hilal is interested in signing Lukaku and met for negotiations.

Will Lukaku follow Ronaldo and Benzema out of Europe and join the ranks of oil money?

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