Coach Vitor Silvest, one of the four coaches under coach Paulo Bento, draws attention by leaving a gift to his next-door neighbor before leaving Korea.

Recently, in various online communities, a scene of Coach Silvest holding a child presumed to be living next door and making a finger heart was posted under the title “Photo of the night before the coach of the Ventusa Team left”. At this time, a miniature soccer ball is held in the child’s hand.

On this day, writer A said, “Before leaving for Portugal, (the coach) left a gift like this in the front house. It seems that you got along well with the front house. Thank you.”

Mr. A also released a photo of a gift package that seemed to have been left behind by Coach Silvest.

In the photo, there is a Nike shopping bag, wine, and a note with ‘Obrigado’, which means ‘thank you’ in Portuguese and English, and ‘Thank you’ written on it.

Regarding this, Mr. A expressed his gratitude, saying, 토토사이트 “It seems that you put all the wine, national team, and World Cup football supplies in the bag. You have worked hard.”

Meanwhile, Bento’s coaches and coaches left for Portugal, their home country, on the 13th.

There was a lot of public opinion that they would renew the contract by successfully advancing to the round of 16 of the away World Cup for the second time in the history of Korean football, but the contract renewal was unsuccessful due to the disagreement with the Korea Football Association.

It is known that Bento is currently being discussed by the Polish Football Association as a candidate for the next head coach.

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