After 14 consecutive wins in the opening, it was in the top spot throughout the first half, but a big crisis came to the Tampa Bay Rays, which recently gave up the district’s leading position to the Baltimore Orioles.

The Tampa Bay Times, a U.S. media outlet in the Tampa Bay area, reported on the 4th (hereafter Korean time) that the Tampa Bay club will place ace Shane McClanahan (26) on the injured list.

This is because of his left forearm strain. The length of the absence has not been mentioned yet, but it seems that the season could be out in the worst case.

In addition, in the case of forearm injuries, there are cases that lead to elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery) at a fairly high rate. Even more worrisome about this.안전놀이터

If McClarnahan undergoes Tommy John surgery at this point, he could only return for the 2025 season. It’s like a nightmare for Tampa Bay.

Mcclanahan, a left-handed starting pitcher in his third year in the major leagues, overwhelms batters with a ball that can reach up to 100 miles. After debuting in his last 2021 season, he has shown excellent form all the way.

Last year, he pitched 166 1/3 innings in 28 games, going 12-8 with a 2.54 earned run average, ranking sixth on the American League Cy Young list.

At the same time as the opening of this season, he was evaluated as the most promising candidate for the Cy Young Award, but he went up and down the injured list due to back pain, leaving regret.

Mcclanahan pitched 115 innings in 21 games before this injury, recording an 11-2 record with a 3.29 ERA. 121 strikeouts.

In the first half, he showed excellent performances, such as being selected as the second All-Star in his personal career, but it is expected that it will be difficult to achieve the regular innings due to injury.

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