Coach Frank Vogel (49) wants to fulfill the wishes of Phoenix Suns (hereafter referred to as Phoenix) fans.

Coach Vogel mentioned Deandre Ayton at the Phoenix press conference held on the morning of the 7th (Korean time).

Vogel, who said good rim protectors are important in his defensive tactics, said of Ayton, the Phoenix center, “He could be the best center in the league.”

“Ayton has shown that side from time to time and I still think there are areas where he can grow offensively,” he said. .메이저사이트

In addition, he revealed his new aspirations in Phoenix, saying, “We will be a team that plays harder than our opponents every night and will make this city proud.”

Director Vogel held the baton of the LA Lakers in the 19-20 season and lifted the championship trophy. At the time, coach Vogel showed his excellent defensive tactics and lineup management that appointed big men in the right places.

When facing the Houston Rockets in the second round of the playoffs, Vogel removed Dwight Howard and Javale McGee from the rotation to respond to the extreme small lineup. However, he reached the finals by actively using two people to cope with Nikola Jokic in the conference finals.

Therefore, coach Vogel, who has a good command of how to use a big man, seems to be the right person to save Ayton, who was left in Phoenix with a contract worth the max amount last season.

This season, Phoenix has built a roster featuring Devin Booker and Kevin Durant. However, due to Chris Paul’s injury and passive play, Ayton was eliminated in the second round of the playoffs by a 2-4 defeat to the Denver Nuggets.

After confirming that the combination of Booker and Durant is powerful, the remaining task for Phoenix is ​​to claim the championship trophy. Therefore, Phoenix appointed Vogel, who showed a strong side in the short term, as manager.

It is expected that coach Vogel will be able to simultaneously achieve the achievement of winning the championship, which is the desire of Phoenix fans, and the growth of Ayton, who has fallen into a nuisance.

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