Ohtani Shohei (29, Los Angeles Angels), who was aiming for his third starter of the season, was knocked out in two innings. Minimum innings for 2 years. Of course, it doesn’t allow mass runs like before the New York Yankees in 2021.

It’s because of ‘rain’.

Shohei Ohtani appeared as a starting pitcher and hitter in a major league (MLB) away game against the Boston Red Sox held at Fenway Park in Boston on the 18th (Korean time). However, Ohtani’s condition that day was not very good. He said it was because the game was played after waiting for an hour due to rain in Boston. It was a condition that was not easy for any player to maintain.

In addition, due to the influence of the ‘Boston Marathon’, it was a morning game that was difficult to experience easily in terms of starting time. There were many adverse conditions that made it difficult to maintain good condition.

However, the start of the batting was refreshing. He gave up hits in both the first and second innings. He even homered on Renfro’s home run in the first inning. But as a pitcher, Ohtani wasn’t in very good shape. In the first inning, the lead batter allowed a walk, showing a start unlike Ohtani. Here, he committed a wild throw that sent a runner to third base. He allowed scores too easily when he grounded Rob Lev Snyder’s infield.

That wasn’t all. I wanted to find my condition by treating the second episode as a tripartite, but suddenly the sky was in trouble. During the third inning, it rained again. And the match was again delayed for over an hour. Ohtani, whose shoulders had grown cold, was eventually grated. It was a natural choice for the Angels because Ohtani’s shoulder is far more important than winning or losing a game.

On this day, Ohtani’s final record as a pitcher was 2 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk and 1 run. As a hitter, he was 2-for-5.

On the other hand, the match on this day also attracted a lot of attention with the confrontation between Masataka Yoshida (30),먹튀검증 a Japanese outfielder who has advanced to the MLB, and Ohtani.

Yoshida became the batting king of the Japanese Professional Baseball Pacific League in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, and in the 2022 season, he made a big success with a batting average of 0.335, 21 home runs, and 88 RBIs. Through the posting system, Yoshida signed a contract with Boston for 5 years and 90 million dollars (approximately 113.4 billion won).

However, Ohtani struck out Yoshida in the first inning with his proprietary sweeper and four-seam approaching 160 km/h. The game ended with the Angels winning 5-4.

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