I have been with a team for 19 years. It started as a player. He built the pride of the team as a native ace. He shared many victories and glory. After his retirement, he stepped into the club’s first secretariat. Instead of a volleyball, he handled Excel and Hangeul. He passed through his clumsy days and entered his 5th year before he knew it. He stands by the squad as a power coordinator. Shin Yeong-soo (41), manager of men’s professional volleyball at Korean Air, is busy today. ◆Shin Young -soo In 2005,

the last professional first year of ‘player’, he was nominated in the first round by Korean Air.

He made his debut that year and played as an active player until the 2017-2018 season. In his career 12 seasons, he appeared in 342 games, scored 3323 points, and had an attack success rate of 49.40%. In the postseason, he played 22 games and scored 189 points, with an attack success rate of 48.30%.

In the early days of the V-League, Korean Air was in the lower ranks. It gradually raised the rankings and took first place in the regular league for the first time in the 2010-2011 season. From the 2012-2013 season, he also advanced to the championship game for three consecutive seasons. However, in his ten thousand years, he was only a second-in-command. He swallowed tears as he stayed at the runner-up in the championship game every time.

In the 2017-2018 season, which was the last season of Shin Young-soo’s active career, he achieved the long-awaited ‘V1’. After finishing the regular league in 3rd place, he owed an upset victory in the championship match. At the time, Manager Shin was not the main player, but he shared the joy of winning with his colleagues. “I was really happy, but I didn’t cry. He recalled, “It was just a feeling of ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I feel free’.”

Ironically, I realized the ‘end’ at the same time as my first victory. Manager Shin said, “At the time, I was thinking about his retirement. After winning the championship, he felt that ‘Now it’s really over,’” he said. After all, everyone has an end. He decided that it was not bad to start a new life quickly.” He said, “I had to face a turning point in his life by putting down volleyball, which he started at the age of 11. However, I was not afraid because it was prepared in my heart,” he said. “I took it for granted and accepted it. I thought I was lucky to be able to win and retire.”

◆Shin Young-soo’s first appointment as ‘Chief’ was made on July 1, 2018. Coincidentally, it was Chief Shin’s birthday. Since it was Sunday, I went to work for the first time on the next day, July 2nd. Manager Shin said, “I was very worried. He looked back and said, “I was worried about whether I would be able to adapt well and do my job safely.”

An official from the Korean Air club, who has been watching Shin since he was a player, said, “I was surprised to see his older brother come to the office for the first time. It wasn’t the ‘Young-soo hyung’ I’ve known so far, but the image of ‘office worker Shin Young-soo’.” He seemed to have eaten his heart that much. He hinted that he had the feeling that he had a colleague to work with in the future.”

There was something he wasn’t used to even with full preparation. First is the commute. When he was playing, he traveled by club bus. After he became an office worker, he rode the subway. He had to get up at 6 to get to the office and get out of the house at 6:40. Manager Shin said, “My home is on the opposite side of the company. He rode Line 9,” he said. “Fortunately, my house was on the last stop, so I could always sit and go. Gimpo Airport, where the company is located, is also at the end of Line 9, so I was able to sit down even after work. But now I drive around,” he smiles.

The fact that I don’t have time to take a nap also came to me a lot. Manager Shin said, “When I was a player, it was a pattern of eating after exercising, taking a nap, and then exercising again. Office workers work all day except for lunch,” he said. But I got used to it quickly,” he laughed.

◆Beside the players,

he first supervised the youth volleyball class (Little Jumbos). It was a job where you could experience team management, paperwork, and meeting with an agency all at once. After that, he worked as a power coordinator in parallel. In accordance with the direction of the team, he helped to achieve a more systematic and professional team composition, selection of foreign players and new players.

Foreigners and rookie drafts were cited as examples. Manager Shin said, “Just because the industry evaluates a particular player highly doesn’t mean we have to view that player unconditionally. You have to present your opinion with a cool and objective gaze,” he said. “Also, the draft is made up of random lottery, so there are many variables. We have to make several plans in advance so that we can make the best choice on the spot.”

Thanks to everyone’s efforts,토토사이트 Korean Air has become a strong team. This season, he achieved the feat of winning the second consecutive three-game victory in the history of the V-League (regular league and championship match). Including winning the KOVO Cup, they also recorded their first treble. It is the second in men’s history.

Manager Shin said, “I didn’t win a combined championship during my active career, but I did win. I was more immersed in what the players felt,” he said. Everyone worked hard and worked hard, so I was happy and good too.”

“Currently, Korean Air is at the top, but we do not know how long it will be able to keep its position. You have to keep thinking about what to do to hold on without falling down. I will try harder,” he said vigorously.

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