The Korea Basketball Association prepares a visiting basketball clinic following last year.

Since last year, the Youth and Youth Club League (hereafter referred to as Basketball I League) has been held, and the Association, which is creating a new sensation in the youth basketball world, is preparing a meaningful one-day clinic.

The size of the daily clinic this year is expected to be larger than last year. First of all, the number of leagues conducting clinics increased from 7 leagues to 8 leagues.

We also plan to significantly increase the number of professional instructors composed of former professional players. Commentator Lee Gyu-seop, who visited Ulsan last year and hosted a daily clinic, as well as Shin Ki-seong, Kim Dong-wook, Oh Yong-joon, Jeon Jeong-gyu, and Kim Eun-hye, joined in large numbers to help the young basketball league players improve their skills by donating their talents.

In this clinic, starting with training by position using specialized training programs, programs such as skill games that apply basic and advanced training contents will be conducted.

The Basketball i-League Daily Clinic will tour 8 leagues, starting with Incheon Bupyeong-gu League on July 2nd, Cheongju League, Asan League, Northeastern Seoul League, Changwon League, Pyeongtaek Osan League, Sejong League, and Yeonggwang League.

The association plans to provide a variety of experiences through programs such as daily clinics for players participating in the basketball i-league.메이저사이트

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