The San Diego Padres again failed to challenge for a 4-game winning streak.

On the 12th (Korean time), the Padres suffered a come-from-behind loss at Coors Field, Colorado, where starter Blake Snell’s good pitch was blown away by home runs by reliever pitchers at Coors Field, Colorado. Season 31 wins 34 losses.먹튀검증

It was a game that revealed the problems of the Padres in the first half of this year, such as the frustration of 4 consecutive wins and the loss by 4-5 by 1 point. Heavy rain at the end of the ninth in Coors Field delayed the game, and he knelt down with a walk-off home run. Yuan achieved a winning series with 2 wins and 1 loss.

However, it was painful to the point that Snell’s 7 innings, 3 hits, no walks, 12 strikeouts and 1 run were not saved, and the bullpen lost by 1 point with a series of blown saves. It was the best pitching this season with only 85 pitches. Snell’s most strikeouts in a game is 13.

The Padres have recorded only four of their best three-game winning streak this year. The one-point difference is 4-12, the lowest among the 30 MLB teams. The Padres, who had won three consecutive victories, tied the score 1-1 in the third with Juan Soto’s sacrifice fly, and took the lead with Jake Cronenworth’s comeback two-run home run (7) in the fourth inning, but Luis Garcia, who returned from injury, allowed a home run to tie the game in the eighth. I experienced a reversal.

Kim Ha-seong was left out of the starting lineup. After Lougned Odor played second base and recorded a walk and one hit, the pitcher was replaced with left-hander Brad Hand in the 6th inning, leading 3-1, and played as a pinch hitter. In the first at-bat, after being withdrawn with a fly to center field, he walked on base in the ninth inning when the score was tied 3-3. Matt Carpenter’s right-handed hit advanced to third base, and he hit home with a wild pitch. It seemed to break the balance at 4-3 and become the finish line.

However, the failure to call Josh Hader, who recorded a 1-point save the previous day and pitched in 3 consecutive games, ended up being defeated. Left-hander Tom Gosgrove, who appeared on the mound in the 8th inning and faced two batters, was put up again at the end of the 9th inning. After allowing lead hitter Ryan McMahon to immediately tie the score (No. 10), the referee stopped the game as rain continued to fall.

In the bottom of the ninth, which resumed after 1 hour and 25 minutes, Padres manager Bob Melvin called right-hander Brent Honeywell. Randall Grichuck fly and Mike Moustakas struck out, and at the moment when it seemed like the extra time was going, Nolan Jones allowed a walk-off home run (No. 4) without a doubt, and the Padres players headed to the dugout lonely.

The Rockies scored 5 runs with 4 home runs. In the bottom of the eighth inning with a 3-1 lead, rookie second baseman Coco Montes fired a tying two-run four in the first game of his major league debut, paving the way for the team to turn around. Montes, from the University of South Florida, was nominated in the 15th round of the 2018 draft and hit a home run in the first game promoted to the big leagues that day after 8 years of minor league life.

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