If you don’t have teeth, you have to support yourself with your gums. As the 2023 professional baseball season approaches its end, the battle for rankings is fierce, and each team’s schedule is inconsistent, increasing difficulties. Players selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team were withdrawn on the 23rd, so everyone faces an even harder battle.

As the schedule is reorganized to include games postponed due to rain and other remaining games, each team is having difficulty keeping up with the schedule. In some cases, teams have to play only one game and then travel to another location, while some teams have to play a double header and then play until Monday, which is originally a day off.

Samsung, which has 19 games left as of the 11th, has a relatively easy schedule this week. They will travel to Suwon on the 19th and play one game against KT Wiz, then stay at home on the 20th and 22nd. They face SSG Landers on the 20th and Doosan Bears on the 21st and 22nd. There will be no games on the 23rd and 24th as they are preliminary days for the postponed games.

On the other hand, second-place KT, which faces Samsung on the 19th, must handle a schedule that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. It is difficult to chase down the first place LG Twins, but the twisted schedule is holding them back. They had a double header on the 17th, but after the game was canceled due to rain on the 18th, they had to travel between Sowon and Gwangju, their home stadium, from the 19th to the 24th. As we have to play a 9-game series, it is worth crying out loud.안전놀이터

However, this does not mean that Samsung can relax. There is plenty of room in the schedule, but the opponents are formidable. KT is 2nd, Doosan is 4th, and SSG is 6th. KT has not given up its first place position, and it is too early for Doosan to relax just because it is going to the postseason. SSG, which fell to 6th place after staying in the top rankings, is trying to enter the top 5, the Maginot line of ‘fall baseball’, by pitching at its best in every game.

Samsung now has only one reliable starting pitcher, David Buchanan. This is because Won Tae-in was selected to the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. Taylor Widener still failed to provide stability, and Choi Chae-heung, who continued to perform poorly, went to the bullpen and sat down. I’m fortunate that I have relatively some room in my schedule.

Other teams are also concerned about filling the vacancies left by players selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Although most of them are young, they are key players in the team. In KT, key bullpen players Park Young-hyun and recently revived Kang Baek-ho were drafted. In SSG, center fielder Choi Ji-hoon and shortstop Park Seong-han, who are the core of not only the offense but also the defense, must go to Hangzhou. Doosan is missing young ace Kwak Bin. Depending on the performance of alternative resources, the joys and sorrows of each team may vary.

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