Why are Cristiano Ronaldo’s toenails painted black?

The British Daily Mail reported on the 18th (Korean time) that “Ronaldo shared a photo of himself in a sauna, and fans noticed his blackened toenails.”

There is a reason.토토사이트 According to the German daily Bild, athletes such as MMA fighters and soccer players paint their nails black to prevent fungus and bacteria to create a protective film.

“Many top athletes wear sweaty shoes for hours. It is to protect against fungus and bacteria,” he explained. “Even former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson does it.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo moved his enemy to Al Nasr in the Saudi Arabia League at the end of December last year. Wearing the captain’s armband, he has scored 11 goals in 12 matches. Al Nasr is second with 53 points. The gap between Al Ittihad (56 points) and the leader is 3 points.

However, coach Rudy Garcia left the team. Many media cited Ronaldo and discord rumors as the reason. Until a new manager takes over, Al-Nassr will be led by under-19 team Dinko Jelic. 

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