LG pitcher Go Woo-seok expressed regret about the poor environment of the players in the 2nd team.

Ko Woo-seok suffered a shoulder injury while participating in the World Baseball Classic last March, so joining the first team was delayed. After fully recovering from the injury after being in the rehabilitation group, he accompanied the 2nd team and made a rehabilitation appearance in the Futures League.

Go Woo-seok was registered as a first-team entry on the 18th, and on this day, in the return match against NC, he made a debut with perfect pitching with 3 strikeouts in 1 inning.

In an interview with reporters at Jamsil Stadium on the 19th, Ko Woo-seok spoke about his feelings at the time when he was frustrated at participating in the WBC due to an injury, and also mentioned the process of reorganizing his body and mind during the rehabilitation process. He said that his family was a source of strength, and he also learned the passion from his teammates in the second group.

Ko Woo-seok said, “My family has been a great source of strength, and while I was in Icheon (LG 2nd Division Stadium), my friends, if you look at it in a way, say that the 1st team is sunny and the 2nd team is shady. I think it’s time to catch up,” he said. He added, “The body is also recovering, but I think I learned a little from watching the players in the 2nd team with such passion.”

The only thing Go Woo-seok played for a long time in the 2nd team was in 2017, when he was a rookie, he played in 25 Futures League games. It was his rehab nature that he played three games in 2018 (April, August, September), one in 2020 and two this year.

There were some things I felt after playing in the 2nd team for a long time and experiencing the 2nd team expedition. Go Woo-seok said, “If there is something I regret, the environment in the 2nd group is still not so good, I think it was a bit regrettable.”

Icheon Champions Park, where LG’s 2nd district stadium and accommodations are located, has good facilities. In 2021 and 2022, during the Corona 19 pandemic, the LG 1st team held a spring camp at Champions Park in Icheon.

Ko Woo-seok said,스포츠토토 “In the case of our team, they say that they are really interested in the 2nd team and pay a lot of attention. Still, from the moment the season begins, I have no choice but to pay more attention to the first team. Army 1 is a battlefield. Even though I paid a lot of attention, I must have been in the 1st team for too long,” he laughed and mentioned the 2nd group environment.

Ko Woo-seok also mentioned, “I thought a lot that the players might be having a hard time, and I had a lot of thoughts while going on expeditions to the 2nd team and seeing that the speed gun was not well fixed.”

Then, he said, “I felt that I had to work really, really hard while watching the players doing their best one by one in such an environment.”

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