Coach Kim Eun-joong, who roared with a victory in the match against France with a prepared strategy, pledged to thoroughly prepare for the match against Honduras without being vigilant.

The Korean U-20 soccer team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, will play Honduras in the second group F match at the Mendoza Stadium in Argentina at 6 am (Korean time) on the 26th. 

Korea, who won 2-1 in the first match against France, will meet Honduras, who lost 1-2 to Gambia. If this match is won, Korea will have a significant advantage in advancing to the round of 16 with two consecutive victories. 

Regarding the match against Honduras through the Korea Football Association on the 25th, coach Kim said, “Since Honduras is also a team with good basic physical skills and individual abilities, we are also preparing to find a strategy to attack the opponent as much as possible and prepare.” 

Regarding the team’s recovery and condition, “The match against France was physically difficult in many ways. As we won, fatigue decreased a lot and the recovery speed was fast.” I am doing well,” he said. 

When asked if there would be any changes to the composition of the players, he replied, “We are preparing in various ways. There will be no major changes yet.” 먹튀검증

Lastly, coach Kim said, “I did well in the first game as I prepared, so I was able to get three points. In the match against Honduras, every game is not easy, so winning the first game is a thing of the past. I thoroughly prepared for the new second game and got the desired result as much as possible.” I will bring it,” he said with determination. 

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