SSG coach Kim Won-hyung was famous for his fast pitching tempo during his active career. He thought that throwing quickly was suitable for his personality, and that an increased pitching tempo would not help the fielder’s concentration.

Even now that he has become a director, his thoughts are not different. Coach Kim positively evaluated the KBO’s decision to introduce the pitch clock ahead of the game against LG in Jamsil on the 21st, when the second half of the season opened.

In a meeting with reporters, coach Kim said, “When I was active, I was a player who did not need a pitch clock. Due to my personality, I can’t let anything go and I have to do it quickly, so I think I threw the ball quickly from the mound,” he said.

There is also an expectation that if the pitching tempo increases, the concentration of the fielder will increase and the performance will naturally increase. Manager Kim said, “I am also a pitcher, but there are times when I feel like asking for a quick throw.”

The KBO announced the day before that it would apply the pitch clock to first-team games after going through a pilot operation next year. It is to shorten the game time and not fall behind the global baseball trend led by the Major League Baseball (MLB).

Manager Kim said, “In fact, the walk is the biggest obstacle to speed-up, but I think it is positive in that it shows the fans (efforts to shorten the game time).”안전놀이터

Of course, adaptation is necessary. It is not easy to raise the pitching tempo in a short period of time. Coach Kim said, “Since everyone is playing together, even players with a slower tempo will have to continue practicing from camp.”

The KBO announced the transition to the full-time manager system for the national team with the pitch clock. Director Kim responded positively to this as well. He thinks it is better for the former coach to constantly watch and judge the players. However, he said that the decision to play the game on Monday instead of the double header was somewhat regrettable. This is why I personally prefer the side where a certain amount of rest is guaranteed on a set day.

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