– Choi Ji-man, cannon restart after 89 days
– Kim Ha-seong, batting and defense steady performance

‘Korean big leaguers’ who suffered from big and small injuries are stretching. ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays) began full-fledged rehabilitation after surgery, and Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates), who injured his Achilles tendon, also joined the team and resumed his home run, predicting an active performance in the second half.

On the 10th (hereinafter Korean time), Ryu Hyun-jin took the mound in the match against the New York Yankees’ Single A Tampa Tarpons held at Dunedin TD Ball Park in the United States, and pitched well with 3 hits and no runs in 4 innings. It was the second actual pitching after the rehabilitation in the rookie league on the 5th (3 innings, 1 run). It is also the first time in 13 months that Ryu Hyun-jin has thrown more than 4 innings in an actual game since the Chicago White Sox match on June 2 last year.

Ryu Hyun-jin showed off his stable pitching that day. He hit a double in the first inning, but was tagged out after a runner forced a run to third base. Ryu Hyun-jin, who had a three-way offense in the 2nd inning with 5 balls, continued to score no runs in the 3rd inning as all 3 batters were treated as floating balls. In the 4th inning, the lead hitter went on base due to a defensive error, but the follow-up hitter caught it with a double stroke and quickly increased the outcount to two. After that, he faced a crisis with two outs on first and second base again due to consecutive hits, but struck out the last batter and ended the inning.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who threw 42 balls in his first rehab game of the year, threw 37 balls that day. He boasted perfect control, with a strike rate of 73%. Ryu Hyun-jin, who has shown a stable appearance in two consecutive games, is expected to join the starting rotation in the second half of the year as he plans to adjust the timing of his appearance in the big leagues later.메이저사이트주소

Choi Ji-man, who was on the injured list after injuring his left Achilles tendon in mid-April, also hit a home run after his recent return, enhancing the feeling of hitting. Choi Ji-man recorded multiple hits, such as reporting a home run after 89 days against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 10th, his third game after rejoining the big leagues. After his return, he went 1 hit in 8 at-bats in two games, so this home run had a different meaning.

The prospect for the second half of Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres), who had a “career high” in the first half of this season, is also bright. Kim Ha-seong, who boasted an extraordinary sense of hitting by scoring three hits in the opening two games of this season, recorded a multi-hit game against the New York Mets that day, finishing the first half with a batting average of 0.258, 10 homers, 31 RBIs and 16 stolen bases.

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