Korea University has won 4 consecutive victories in the opening season.

Korea University won 82-47 against Dankook University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at the Dankook University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 31st. With the victory on this day, Korea University went on a 4-game winning streak, while Dankook University went 1-3. 

An even game continued in the first quarter. Korea University, which had a narrow lead at the beginning of the game, preempted 10 points with Park Moo-bin’s free throw. When Dankook University chased after Na Seong-ho’s 3-point shot, Korea University ran away again with Mun Jeong-hyeon’s free throw. At the end of the quarter, Mun Jeong-hyeon’s series of under-the-goal goals added to Korea University’s lead in the first quarter, 19-14. 

Korea University escaped by double digits with Park Moo-bin’s 3-point shot following Yang Jun’s goal at the beginning of the second quarter. Dankook University countered with Na Seong-ho’s 3-point shot this time, but Korea University continued to lead. Korea University, which maintained a steady lead, led the atmosphere with Park Moo-bin’s three-pointer and Moon Yoo-hyeon’s quick attack at the end of the quarter, and finished the first half with 42-26. 

At the beginning of the third quarter,카지노 Korea University clearly took the lead. Park Moo-bin succeeded in a free throw followed by a mid-range shot, and Korea University ran away by 20 points. Korea University, which caught the flow, widened the gap to 53-26 in an instant. 

Even after that, Korea University widened its gap without hesitation. Lee Dong-geun’s free throw in the middle of the quarter widened the gap to 30 points. Korea University, which ran away with an overwhelming margin, finished the third quarter with a score of 69-38. 

The game had already tilted to some extent and continued into the 4th quarter. Korea University remained vigilant and focused until the end, and Dankook University also did its best until the end. However, it was not enough to overcome the already widened gap, and Korea University ended the game with a huge victory. 

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