Will Daegu High School’s undefeated legend in the Phoenix finals continue?

Daegu High School will wear special uniforms made to win the final match of the 51st Bonghwangdaegi National High School Baseball Championship against Sekwang High School, which will be held at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul at 12 noon on the 9th. It is an expression of the will to continue the momentum of having reached the finals three times since 2000 (2008, 2010, and 2018) and winning all of them.카지노

If they win this year’s Bonghwangdaegi, they will stand shoulder to shoulder with their rival, Gyeongbuk High School, as the second-most winning team in the history of the Bonghwangdaegi, following Bukil High School (5 times).

Daegu High School is a powerhouse in high school baseball, having won the President’s Cup in 2003 and having won the four major tournaments seven times and runner-up three times since 2000. However, not many people expected that the team would advance to the finals of this year’s Bonghwangdaegi. Compared to last year, when we had a luxurious pitching staff such as Lee Ro-woon (SSG), Kim Jeong-woon (KT), Shin Gyeong-hyun (reserved), and Jang Jun-hyuk (Dongeui University), we could not avoid a weakening of our power, and the outfield gap due to injuries to the team’s centerpieces, sophomores Kim Joo-won and Lee Chan-ju, seemed large. .

However, Daegu High School coach Son Kyung-ho said, “If the team’s strength was weak, we trained repeatedly to win by adding strategic baseball to our defense and organizational skills.”

In addition, the rapid growth of Lee Seung-min (Gyeongsang Middle School), Jin Hyun-je (Kyungwoon Middle School), and Son Woo-hyeon (Hyeopseong Gyeongbok Middle School), who played as the starting shortstops for the Daegu Middle School teams three years ago, is also considered a factor in Daegu High School’s strength. Director Son’s insight is shining.

These three recorded 56 stolen bases this year, standing at the forefront of Daegu High School’s patented tactical baseball.

Jin Hyeon-je said, “Daegu High School advanced to the finals of Bonghwangdaegi and never lost. “Advancing to the finals soon leads to winning and has already become a tradition at Daegu High School,” he said, adding, “We will solidify our position as the team with the most wins in the Phoenix Tournament since 2000,” showing confidence in winning.

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