Samsung Lions third base coach Kang Myung-gu induced an extra point in the rain.

Samsung succeeded in escaping its third consecutive defeat by winning 6-4 in the last game of the weekend against KT Wiz held at Lions Park in Daegu on the 28th.

Starter Won Tae-in’s 6 scoreless innings and the first 3 runs at the end of the 2nd inning when rain was pouring were the driving force behind the victory.

Coach Kang Myung-gu’s bold decision shined. Lee Jae-hyeon’s sacrifice fly allowed Samsung to lead 1-0, and attacked in the bottom of the second inning.

Suddenly, heavy rain poured down in Lions Park, where it had been raining lightly. It was raining so hard that spectators had to take out umbrellas and raincoats to block it. In an instant, the ground became soggy and muddy. Pitching and defense were affected.

2 out 1st, 3rd base. Koo Ja-wook at bat. At the end of the full count game, Ja-wook Koo pulled a high changeup on the 8th pitch of Bo Shulseo and dropped it in the middle right. Right fielder Hong Hyun-bin ran quickly and cut it off.

First base runner Kang Han-wool made an automatic start, but it seemed a bit unreasonable to dig into the home. The rain-soaked soil made it difficult for runners to run base.

However, Samsung third base coach Kang Myung-gu turned his arm around without hesitation.

Kang Han-wool, who saw the sign, sprinted past third base and home. The ball thrown by Hong Hyun-bin crossed the second baseman in front and passed to shortstop Kim Sang-soo, who was standing behind. The ball was wet the moment Kim Sang-soo sprayed it home. He fell out of his hand in an instant. The ball was delivered to Schulser, who was playing cover from behind third base, not the catcher on the home plate.먹튀검증

Safe without even a home encounter. It was a goal made by coach Kang Myung-gu’s sense of calculating the ball that would get wet in the rain. As if it was a natural result, Coach Kang chicly wiped the water from the brim of his helmet with his fingers.

The margin of victory of the winner led to the victory of instant judgment. It was a wonderful scene that became a victory point.

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