Atlanta ace Spencer Strider fires the ball early in the game.

The fastball in the mid-150 km/h range and the sharp-falling slider make the San Diego strike line unbearable.

In the first at-bat, Ha-seong Kim also struck out standing on Strider’s slider, unable to budge. However, San Diego started a counterattack in the fourth inning with Matt Carpenter hitting the Strider with a come-from-behind three-pointer.

Kim Ha-seong also adds strength. He came on as the leadoff batter in the fifth inning, trailing 3–4, and reported a hit that beat the ball off the Stryders. In the unfavorable count of 1B-2S, he hit a 156km fastball full of the 4th pitch and scored a heavy hit. It wasn’t a good hit, but it was enough to make Strider collapse. It was the moment when Kim Ha-sung’s sixth hit of the season was made.

The confrontation between the National League champions was fierce until the end of the game. With San Diego leading 4-4 ​​in the 8th inning with a wild pitch and a timely hit by Ajoca, Atlanta counterattacked in the 8th with Olson and Dano’s back-to-back timely hits to balance the game.

The game ended with a dramatic Atlanta victory in the ninth inning. At the time when the two-out went up and many thought of an extension,토토사이트 Rosario revived the fire with a double, and Arcia, who was showing off a climax today, hit a finishing hit that fell in front of the center fielder, and the game ended with Atlanta’s 7-6, dramatic victory. It’s done. Kim Ha-seong recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats, and his season batting average dropped slightly to 2.86.

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