Who the hell set the limit on the number of pitches for Moon Dong-ju in 130 innings? Why did it become 100 innings, not 150 innings, and 130 innings? This is an issue that baseball fans are curious about these days.

Moon Dong-ju (20), the “Future” of the Hanwha Eagles, started against the Doosan Bears on the 12th and pitched well, allowing one run in six innings. In his 20th game, he broke the team’s losing streak in 5 games and posted 7 wins (7 losses). He pitched a total of 104⅓ innings till this game.

Whenever he gets on the mound, his attention is drawn to two things. It is a 160 km/h fastball, pitched innings.

On April 12, against the KIA Tigers, he became the first Korean player to exceed 160 km/h. He threw a ball as fast as 160.1 km per hour against Park Chan-ho. He throws fastballs approaching 160 km/h throughout the season. In his second year as a pro, he steadily developed and established himself as a main force.

The Hanwha club announced before the start of the season that Moon Dong-ju’s pitching innings will be limited to 130 innings this season. It came from the mouth of former manager Carlos Subero. In his first year at the club, he suffered two injuries. When he was in his second year of high school, he started pitching and said that he needed management because his body and muscles were growing. He cited Roki Sasaki (22), a fastball pitcher for the Chiba Lotte Marines of the Japanese professional baseball team, as a similar example.

He said it was a program to nurture players while looking at the ‘future’ rather than ‘now’. It is not an easy decision for a team that has been in last place for three consecutive years.

Director Subero was sacked and coach Choi Won-ho took over. but the conclusion was different. Instead of letting people rest unconditionally according to the planned schedule, it was modified to naturally give them breaks when necessary. The intention was to use it efficiently while acknowledging the inning limit.

Recently, the trend has changed again. Director Choi explains that the 130 innings limit was set without medical grounds. It seems that it may be overprotection that lacks a reasonable basis.

However, until just a month ago, coach Choi said that if Dong-ju Moon completes 130 innings, including the Hangzhou Asian Games, even if the team advances to the postseason, he will not use it. He hit the nail on repeated questions from reporters.

In this way, Dong-ju Moon’s league schedule this year will end with throwing around 120 innings by the end of August. After taking a break for three weeks, he will reorganize his pitch and participate in the Asian Games in September.

Director Choi said on the 13th, “We are discussing using it if there are no medical problems after the Asian Games are over.”

He inherited the 130 inning limit as a team-wide decision, but said it was a plan that was difficult to understand. In addition, Jose Rosa also said that the number of innings was created by the former pitching coach. Coach Choi, a former pitcher, took command of the 1st team on May 12 after commanding the Hanwha 2nd team.

Recently, the role of Dong-ju Moon has grown as foreign ‘one-two-perch’ Felix Pena and Ricardo Sanchez, 4th and 5th starters have been shaken. The team, which was looking for a win rate of 50% in the first half, went downhill in the second half due to sluggish pitching. This team situation does not seem unrelated to the discussion on limiting innings for Moon Dong-ju.

If there is an irrational part, you can quickly fix it. Consciously procrastinating on declarative decisions is detrimental to the team.꽁머니사이트

However, the case of Moon Dong-ju’s inning limit is different. Until a month ago, the club level was voicing one voice, but it fell into a self-contradictory denial of the past. Even if coach Choi was not a party to the inning limit discussion, it was a matter decided by high-ranking members of the club, such as general manager Son Hyuk, after discussing with the coaching staff at the time. It was not decided by an outside expert group.

Rosado was led by the former coach and set the number of innings without medical grounds, and if the club neglected it even though it was an unhelpful decision, the club front desk is dereliction of duty. It seems difficult for former coach Rosado, a former major league all-star, to appear.

In the meantime, the explanation of the club that it carefully manages and nurtures treasure-like resources was a packaging for storytelling that suppressed internal dissatisfaction.

The explanation of the command tower, which suddenly changed its words, came out at a point where the team was in trouble and lost its persuasiveness. It sounds like you were right then and wrong now.

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