Major league regular season games will be held in Korea in March next year. As the San Diego Padres, which belongs to Kim Ha-seong (28), who has emerged as a Korean major leaguer representative, will play a world tour series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Seoul, attention is focused on his future career. Rather than trade, the weight is placed on the possibility of staying and further extending the contract. 

The Major League Secretariat announced on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time) that San Diego and the Dodgers will play the opening two games in Seoul, Korea, for the opening game of the 2024 season. March 21-22 next year, Gocheok Sky Dome is likely to be the venue. It is the home stadium of Kiwoom Heroes, where Kim Ha-seong spent seven years before advancing to the major leagues. 메이저사이트주소

It was the first major league game to be played in Korea, and it was the ninth major league opening game in history outside of the United States and Canada. It has been five years since the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics met in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. 

The American sports media ‘The Athletic’ also reported this news and dealt with the contents of Kim Ha-seong separately. As the only active Korean big leaguer between San Diego and the Dodgers, he explained the meaning of this Korean opening series to Kim Ha-seong. 

The Athletic said, ‘This season, Ha-seong Kim is the only player who has exceeded expectations in San Diego’s unconventional infield. His improved ability to cope with fastballs helped him become an above-average hitter at second base. He is also the most valuable defender in the major leagues. 

“Nevertheless, Ha-seong Kim is the only player in the San Diego infield who has not signed a long-term contract. Some in the industry are wondering if San Diego will trade him to fill some holes in the roster.” Third baseman Manny Machado, shortstop Zander Bogarts signed 11-year contracts through 2033, and first baseman Jake Cronenworth signed a seven-year contract through 2030. A card that can be used as a trade card in the infield has a contract until 2024. Ha-seong Kim is the only guaranteed one.

However, as the opening series for Korea has been confirmed, the possibility of San Diego trading Kim Ha-seong has decreased considerably. The Athletic said, ‘The international showcase held at Ha-sung Kim’s home stadium during his KBO days could be a meaningful point in catching him.’ are ranked He is the only hitter whose name is continuously chanted by the fans every time he steps into the plate, starting at Petco Park, the home stadium, and sometimes even at the away stadium. Kim Ha-sung’s entry into the US also opened the way for Asian business in San Diego,’ he emphasized. 

Then, Ha-seong Kim has a contract until 2024. There is a mutual option for 2025, but if you get the same grades now, you are likely to reject it. At this point, San Diego has difficulties advancing to the postseason in 2023, but they are committed to fighting for the rankings this summer as well as the entire 2024 season, Soto’s final year before becoming a free agent.” , may extend the contract,’ he predicted. 

Meanwhile, The Athletic said about the reason why the Dodgers were selected as San Diego’s opening partner, ‘If you look at the TV schedule, the Dodgers and San Diego are getting a lot of attention internationally. The Dodgers explained that it is a country that produced past Dodgers stars such as Ryu Hyun-jin, the first major league All-Star Game starting pitcher from Korea, and Park Chan-ho and Choi Hee-seop, who were the first Koreans on the major league roster. 

“People want to see Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman (more Dodgers), Machado, Soto (more San Diego). This winter, the Dodgers and San Diego are expected to compete to sign Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), a Japanese pitching star, which will further enhance the appeal of this stage.” The Dodgers are being cited as a likely destination for Ohtani, who will become a free agent at the end of this season, and San Diego is also being mentioned as one of the candidates.

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