Ronaldo, who joined Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia), cut ties with Mendes, who had been with him for 20 years, in the process of deciding to go to the Middle East.

The British media Athletic revealed on the 4th (local time) why Ronaldo ended his relationship with Mendes. Mendes has been with Ronaldo as Ronaldo’s agent since he moved from Sporting (Portugal) to Manchester United (Man United) in 2003.

The Athletic said: ‘Ronaldo has ended his relationship with Mendes. Ronaldo has made the decision to let Ricardo manage his career,’ referring to Ricardo’s role as an agent in Ronaldo’s signing for Al Nasr. In particular, ‘Ronaldo and Mendes’ relationship deteriorated in the transfer market last summer. Ronaldo was about to leave Manchester United to compete in the UEFA 토토 Champions League. Mendes was frustrated by Ronaldo’s refusal to accept the impossibility of finding a European club that wanted him. Mendes advised Ronaldo to stay at Manchester United.

Ronaldo pushed for a transfer by contacting various European clubs from last summer’s transfer market. Since last summer, Mendes met with officials from various clubs, including Chelsea (England), Bayern Munich (Germany), Atletico Madrid (Spain), and Napoli (Italy), and offered to recruit Ronaldo, but no club wanted Ronaldo. Ronaldo proposed his signing to Frankfurt (Germany) even before joining Al Nasr and waited for a call from Real Madrid (Spain).

Ricardo, who acted as an agent in the process of Ronaldo’s recruitment of Al Nasr, reportedly earned 26 million pounds (about 40 billion won).

Ronaldo held a ceremony to join Al Nasr on the 4th. Ronaldo, who signed a contract with Al Nasr until 2025, is known to receive an annual salary of 200 million euros (about 270 billion won).

“I had a lot of opportunities to join European clubs. Many clubs in Brazil, as well as clubs in Australia, the United States and Portugal wanted me,” Ronaldo said at the ceremony for Al Nasr. “I have played for the most important clubs in Europe. We broke all the records in the world. We want to break more records in Saudi Arabia.”