Sunrin Internet High School defeated Seoul High School 6-3 and settled in the semifinals of the Golden Lion for the second year in a row.

Sunrin Internet High School won the 77th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Tournament and Weekend League Wangjungwang Match in the quarterfinals held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 23rd, and won 6-3 with a big inning, scoring 5 runs in the first inning against Seoul High School ace Lee Chan-sol.

Starting pitcher Kim Tae-wan laid the foundation for victory with a good pitch, allowing 2 runs in 6 innings. Shortstop Lim Jae-min helped the team win with Ho-bi, who completed double play in the 7th and 8th innings in a row with no 1st and 2nd base in crisis. Park Jin-hyeok took the mound after two outs in the 7th inning and struck out three in 1 1/3 innings to seal the victory.

Park Deok-hee, head coach of Seonrin Internet High School, said after the victory, “Starter Kim Tae-wan blocked the beginning well and continued to lead, and there was good defense by shortstop Lim Jae-min in every crisis. In the round of 16, Kim Min-seong blocked the back door well, but today Park Jin-hyuk blocked it well.”

Lim Jae-min saved the team with lake rain in the second half of the day, but made a series of mistakes at the beginning of the game, causing a crisis. In the beginning of the second inning, when the fourth hitter, So Han-bin, who came out as the lead hitter at Seoul High School, made a grounding run to the shortstop, Lim Jae-min made a throwing error at first base and sent the runner to second base. Then, when the opponent’s 6th hitter, Seung-min Joo, was at bat, Jae-min Lim could not catch a ground ball at once and was able to finish the inning with a double play, leading to a crisis with the first runner on 1st and 3rd base. However, Kim Tae-wan, who started the game, later caught two outcounts, and Lim Jae-min’s mistake did not lead to a run.

Lim Jae-min, who wiped his heart after helping the team win with a hobi after a mistake, said, “I was confident in my defense, so I tried to make the players believe, but I made a mistake in the beginning, so I was a little shaken psychologically. However, he said, “It’s okay” from his teammates, coach, and manager.

Lim Jae-min, who shook the opposing pitcher by going to base with an infield hit in the 5th and 7th innings, said, “It was a missed ball, but I was lucky.” I had a few friends who didn’t have this. Friends who had experienced a big tournament said, ‘Let’s do it for two people,’ but I think I only did one serving today.”

Sunrin Internet High School will compete with Daegu Sangwon High School for the final at 11:00 am on the 25th. Sunrin Internet High, which has settled in the semifinals of the Golden Lion for two consecutive years following last year,스포츠토토 is challenging its sixth championship after winning its fifth in 2015.

Sunrin Internet High School lost 4-8 to Gyeongnam High School in the semifinals last year and failed to advance to the final. Coach Park said, “The players worked hard from the winter training with the mindset that they would try again this year, using their experience last year (semifinals) as a stepping stone. I will do my best to reach the final this year.”

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