Neymar (31, PSG), who participated in the Japan tour in 0 minutes, is hearing the voice of anger from Japanese fans.스포츠토토

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) played a pre-season friendly match against Jeonbuk at Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 3rd and won 3-0.

On this day, Neymar started and played until the end of the game. It was a different move from the previous Japan tour. Prior to his visit to Korea, Neymar kept the bench in all three games on the Japanese tour. It is assumed that he was not in good condition due to the aftermath of his ankle injury.

Before Jeonbuk, Neymar played full-time, scoring two goals and assisting. In the 40th minute of the first half, he overcame several defenders with his personal skills in a very complicated box and even fired a shot. The ball hit the body of a Jeonbuk player, was refracted, hit the goal post, and was sucked into the goal. first goal.

Then, in the 38th minute of the second half, Neymar caught Fabian Ruiz’ amazing pass, ran quickly to the goal, and finished it calmly. Lee Kang-in ran to him first and congratulated him with a hug. In the 43rd minute of the second half, Asensio’s powerful shot also scored a goal. Here’s Neymar’s share. The heel pass helped.

Japanese media ‘Soccer Digest’ said, “Neymar didn’t stand on the pitch for a minute in Japan. However, he played full-time (in Korea),” he said. “(Japan tour) Al Nasr, Cerezo Osaka, and Inter Milan all missed. He also helped Marco Asensio’s goal with a skillful heel pass. He showed 2 goals and 1 assist,” he said sarcastically. 

At the same time, he also shared the reaction of Japanese fans. According to ‘Soccer Digest’, some Japanese fans said, ‘Why does it come out in Korea when it didn’t even appear in Japan (in the game)?’, ‘It’s really frustrating. This is too much’, ‘You go to the game in Korea’, ‘If you were in condition to score two goals in Korea, you could have played (in the game) in Japan’, ‘You didn’t want to play in Japan?’, ‘There are people who bought expensive tickets to see Neymar, but they look down on us.’ 

‘Soccer Digest’ reported that “voices of anger are constantly coming out among Japanese fans.”

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