Suwon KT replaced the head coach. Head coach Song Young-jin (45) was appointed as the new head coach.

On the 14th, KT said, “We signed a coaching contract with coach Song Young-jin. The period is 3 years,” he announced.

KT ranked 8th out of 10 clubs with 21 wins and 33 losses in the 2022-2023 regular season. Last season, they placed second in the regular league, but failed to advance to the championship match due to being eliminated in the playoffs in the quarterfinals.

New head coach Song Young-jin, a graduate of Masan High School and Chung-Ang University, joined Changwon LG with the first overall pick in the 2001 rookie draft and transferred to KT’s predecessor KTF in 2005, where he played as a player. After retiring in 2015, he returned as a KT coach in May of last year after serving as a leader at KT, Yonsei University, and Whimoon High School.

The KT club said, 메이저사이트“The players, support staff, and communication skills with the club are excellent enough to be recognized by all players, so they will maximize the potential of the team.” ”he explained the background of the seniority.

“In addition to his brilliant career as a player, he has experienced both pros, colleges and high schools as a leader, and he accurately grasps the strengths and weaknesses of current kt players, so he is the right person to bring the team to the top in a short period of time and realize the goal of becoming a prestigious club in the mid- to long-term. ” he added.

New head coach Song Young-jin said, “I am happy and feel a great sense of responsibility to coach a retired team after spending most of my playing days.”

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