The women’s soccer team ahead of the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in July has risen to 17th in the FIFA rankings.

Korea ranked 17th with 1,840.68 ranking points in the women’s soccer world rankings announced by FIFA.

The ranking point decreased by 13.28 points from the announcement in December of last year, the previous year, and the ranking fell two steps from 15th, but the 17th place is the same as when it was announced in October of last year.

The national team, which is preparing for the World Cup, which is approaching four months from now, has not been good in international matches by choosing strong opponents for the recent evaluation match.

Colin Bell’s national team lost to the European team last month in the Arnold Clark Cup, an international friendly competition hosted by the England Football Association.

After losing the first game 0-4 to England,안전놀이터 the national team lost 1-2 in the second match against Belgium and 1-2 in the last match against Italy.

The highest ranking in Korean women’s soccer history is 14th.

She was last ranked 14th in March 2019, and has not yet reached 14th since dropping to 20th in the rankings in July, after losing all three matches in the group stage of the Women’s World Cup in France that year.

While the United States maintained the world’s No. 1 position, Germany and Sweden also maintained their second and third positions, followed by England at No. 4 and France at No. 5.

Among Asian Football Confederation (AFC) member countries, Australia (10th), Japan (11th) and China (14th) rank above Korea.

North Korean women’s football, which was ranked 10th in the world last December, was excluded from the evaluation this time.

Since there have been no A-matches (matches between national teams) in the last 48 months, it seems that they have been automatically excluded from the ranking system according to FIFA rules.

North Korean football has become increasingly difficult to find in international competitions as the Corona 19 pandemic begins in 2020.

The women’s national team has not played since the Cyprus Cup in March 2019.

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