The LG Twins are a team that aims to win this season. At the time of Media Day, all active coaches named LG and kt as candidates for the championship.

In fact, LG officials are also playing the season with the desire to make a point when an opportunity arises from power. To this end, I am running the season carefully with the mindset of tapping even a stone bridge with as long a breath as possible.

LG limited Ko Woo-seok’s innings even while fighting NC for joint second place. The plan is to pitch only one inning every other day. There is no reason to overdo it right now as it is the finish to be responsible for a season. Go Woo-seok struck out all three batters with a speed of 156 km/h and a high-speed slider of 147-8 km/h.

After Ko Woo-seok went down, LG immediately allowed NC to reverse, but there was no choice.

Oh Ji-hwan’s rehabilitation is also steadily preparing. An official from the LG club said, “I think that in about two weeks, he will be able to participate in the second team game without difficulty. Above all, Kim Min-sung is doing much better than expected.”

Oh Ji-hwan, who had a bad side since the start of the season, went to the hospital instead of playing because his condition worsened during batting practice ahead of the game against Samsung in Jamsil on April 7th. As a result of the examination, it was diagnosed that he would have to rest for more than two weeks due to an oblique (abs) muscle injury.

Lee Min-ho is expected to be able to return in May. Lee Min-ho was diagnosed with a right elbow flexor injury as a result of an MRI scan and medical examination, requiring pitching rest for three weeks, and is currently out of the first team entry. However, LG is not too worried about the mound despite Lee Min-ho’s absence.

Kim Yun-shik, who has been off pace since returning from the national team, is slowly finding his pace, and the 5th starting duo Park Myeong-geun and Kang Hyo-jong are also doing their part.

Even if you are not satisfied right now, it is good for LG’s future to accumulate experience points for Park Myeong-geun and Kang Hyo-jong. An official from the LG club said, “If I had to pick the best output of this 2023 upbringing, it would definitely be Kang Hyo-jong. Until the middle of last year, he couldn’t even throw the ball properly, but it’s good enough to show him like this now.”

Here, Park Myung-geun’s performance opened his mouth wide.

Inside, there is a feeling of anticipation that if he grows up well, he will become Jung Woo-young 2. The satisfaction is high enough to ask the reporter, “Why is that player number 7 in the third round?”

And there is another LG reserve power. This is Lee Sang-young, who has recently been showing good pitching at Sangmu. Lee Sang-young is raising expectations by continuing QS pitching in the last three games in a row. Lee Sang-young was an ambitious player selected by LG five years ago with a long breath. At the time, his speed was around 140 km/h, but he had a good slider and was selected because he had a good body shape.

If Lee Sang-young, who played a big role in the 23-year-old national team, is discharged from the military, he can join LG’s starting or middle pitching team. This is because what Sangmu is already throwing is itself a selection class.

Geopo Lee Jae-won also started technical training. We are checking the return date soon. Second baseman Song Chan-eui is a case of being trained in the LG 1st team.

The LG club revealed that he is preparing for the case where Suh Geon-chang loses his pace while undergoing intensive defense training.카지노 This is because Song Chan-eui already thinks that being trained in the 2nd division is meaningless.

Obviously, there are many injured players in LG at the beginning of the season. But never major injuries. These are powers that can come back soon.

And anyway, the ranking battle is summer. LG is never in a hurry to have full power in the hot summer. This is because their final goal is not one win right now.

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