Reinforcements are preparing to return to KIA, which is struggling with toxic injuries this season. There is a possibility that closer Jung Hae-young and starting second baseman Kim Seon-bin will return to the first team one after another.메이저놀이터 추천

The two players checked their condition by participating side by side in the match against kt 2nd team held in Iksan on the 30th. Jung Hae-young went down to the second group on May 29 to check his pitch and adjust his performance, and has been concentrating on improving his pitch. Kim Sun-bin fractured his right thumb while catching a bat against NC Gwangju on June 17 and was put on the injured list.

Jeong Hae-young, who has been consistently playing in the Futures League, came out as the starting pitcher that day and threw 12 pitches in one inning, striking out one and gaining strength with perfect pitching. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk explained that he started as a starter because there could be a situation where he could not get enough pitches if he started in the ninth inning, which was his original position, but the overall evaluation was good.

Regarding Jung Hae-young, coach Kim said, “Reports say that he seems to be improving a little. In terms of balance, there have been reports that he has more power on the ball. So, I wonder if Hae-young will be called up soon.” “I plan to call up once I get a report that my fastball has a little more pitch or that my vertical movement has improved. Once they say it has improved, I plan to call up after (confirming) one more pitch.”

Kim Seon-bin played as the second baseman and recorded 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 3 at-bats, showing a sense of hitting that did not significantly drop. Kim Sun-bin’s thumb was fractured, but fortunately, the part is on the inside. This part is the part where less power is applied when throwing a ball or hitting. After reexamination, he was in good condition, and he went to play on the 30th. Rumor has it that the players themselves have a strong will to return early.

Coach Kim said, “Kim Sun-bin’s fingers are fine now, but he has to play with a little better ankle so that the defense will be stable and the width of the defense will widen.”

Kim Sun-bin was placed on the 10-day disabled list on June 18, and again on the 10-day disabled list on June 28. After this period is over, you can register for Team 1. It means that it is possible to return to the three-game series next weekend at the earliest.꽁머니사이트

Meanwhile, Shawn Anderson, who started and threw about 30 pitches in the Gwangju Kiwoom match (no game) on the 29th, is likely to be put into the Jamsil LG match on the 2nd. As the number of pitches was small, in normal cases, it is possible to start after two days of rest. This is because the number of pitches is equivalent to one pitching in the bullpen.

Manager Kim also added a prerequisite: “The number of pitches yesterday was about 31, so I’ll check it once today, and if it’s okay, I can go in the next day. You have to say it’s okay.”

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