The Samsung Lions let go of Kim Sang-soo (32, KT Wiz) and Oh Seon-jin (33, Hanwha Eagles), who qualified as free agents (FA) after this season. It means a lot because it is the departure of veterans who can serve as shortstop. If recruitment through trade does not take place, there is no choice but to seek a forced generational change.

There was no clear starting shortstop in the Samsung infield this season. The rookie Lee Jae-hyeon (19, 380.1 innings), Kim Sang-soo (326.1 innings), Lee Hae-seung (245.1 innings), and Oh Seon-jin (176.1 innings) were the ones who played more than 100 innings as 토토 a shortstop. Kim Ji-chan (99 innings) and Kang Han-ul (42.2 innings) followed. Among them, Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin moved the team, and Lee Hae-seung finally passed the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu). In other words, a complete overhaul is inevitable.

In any case, Samsung’s shortstop next season is expected to receive a lot of attention. It is all the more so because coach Park Jin-man boasted the highest level of defense to the extent that he was called the national shortstop during his playing days. As such, the eye level for shortstops is bound to be high.

Director Park’s shortstop theory is clear. Fundamentals are the top priority. Coach Park said, “For a shortstop, a sense of stability is more important than splendor. He always emphasized that part even when he was a defensive coach,” he emphasized. This means that you need to have a sense of stability to be able to stand out as a shortstop.

The resource that is receiving the most attention at this point is Lee Jae-hyeon (19). In his first year of debut, he committed 11 errors, but he has been known for his excellent defense since his high school days, and his slugging power, which hit 7 homers, is also attractive. If he shows improved defense than he did all season, he can step up as a starting shortstop.

Kim Young-woong (19), Lee Jae-hyeon’s motive for joining the team, is also a potential competitor. He pitched 13 innings as a shortstop all season, allowing only one error. Depending on the situation, it is possible to use Kim Ji-chan (21) and Kang Han-ul (31) as shortstops. However, this season, Kim Ji-chan is used to second baseman (734.1 innings) and Kang Han-wool is third baseman (336.1 innings), so it is highly likely that Lee Jae-hyun and Kim Young-woong will get a chance first. If they succeed in a soft landing, they will be able to relieve their worries for a long time, so the result is all the more curious.

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