Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres), who debuted in the Major League (MLB) in 2021, had a hard time adapting to the fast balls of pitchers who are new to experience. He barely passed the batting average of 200.

Then there were trade rumors. San Diego was also intrigued.

However, San Diego needed Kim Ha-seong as their starting shortstop Ferdando Tatis Jr. was sidelined due to a pre-season injury. I put him in as a shortstop and had fun.

However, rumors of Kim Ha-sung’s trade circulated even before the start of this season. In particular, the Boston Red Sox local media argued that Kim Ha-seong should be recruited. When second baseman Trevor Story was injured, it was necessary to use Kim Ha-seong as a ‘sweet bun’.

San Diego, which needed a pitcher, also tinkered with Ha-seong Kim’s trade card.

However, San Diego decided to use Kim Ha-seong as the second baseman.

Since then, Kim Ha-seong has been very active in batting and defense. WAR is #1 on the team. Defensive WAR is the best in MLB.

Then, Kim Ha-sung’s trade rumor is not mentioned at all. It is because it is difficult to imagine San Diego without Kim Ha-sung at this time.먹튀검증

Even if a tempting offer comes, there is a high possibility that San Diego will have Kim Ha-sung. In addition, San Diego fans are very supportive of Kim Ha-sung.

On the other hand, rumors of a trade for Cody Bellinger (Chicago Cubs) continue to emerge.

With the Cubs’ chances of advancing to the postseason low, it is known that several teams are eyeing Bellinger.

There is a prospect that San Diego and New York Mets will be interested in signing Bellinger.

In response, Bellinger agent Scott Boras warned, “Don’t trade Bellinger.”

Bellinger, a former National League MVP, left the Los Angeles Dodgers for the Cubs ahead of this season.

It is a plan to make a big hit in the FA market after resurrecting in the Cubs.

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