The head coach of our team that defeated strong France in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup is Kim Eun-joong, who made a name for himself as a top striker during his active career. Together with his students, he is challenging his unfulfilled dream as a player 24 years ago.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


Born in 1979, Kim Eun-joong, a goalscorer who dominated an era with star Lee Dong-guk, who was the same age as Lee Dong-guk, was hit by a ball in the third year of middle school and virtually lost his sight in his left eye. loved by them

In 1998, when coach Kim Eun-joong was 19 years old, he scored 4 goals at the Asian Under-19 Championship, leading Korea to victory, and the following year, he participated in the Under-20 World Cup held in Nigeria.

At that time, our team had high expectations with solid members such as Kim Eun-joong, Lee Dong-guk, and Seol Ki-hyun, but were eliminated at the bottom of the group stage, and striker Kim Eun-joong was silent in all three matches.

It is a regrettable memory for director Kim.

[Kim Eun-jung/Under 20 soccer team striker (1999): I think there is a lot of difference in terms of physical strength, individual skills, and individual skills. Our Korean players.]

After coaching the Asian Games and the Olympic team, coach Kim took charge of the under-20 national team last year.토토사이트

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 national team coach: Keep your body calm and pass quickly. Give and take, give and take.]

The fast and dynamic football set the color of the team, leading the team to the finals of this tournament, and directing a cataclysm by catching ‘championship candidate’ France from the first game.

24 years ago, he was determined to soar as high as possible with his students on the stage where he had withdrawn as a player.

[Kim Eun-jung/U-20 national team coach: The first goal is to pass the group stage, and after that, I think that good results will come out if I prepare well for each game in the tournament.] (Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG

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