‘A beautiful companion between a professional and a dreamer.’

If there is a ‘shared office’ as a new social and economic trend, there is a ‘shared training ground’ in the basketball board. It is Jeonju KCC, a professional basketball club, that presents heartwarming stories as a ‘shared training ground’. These days, the KCC clubhouse in Mabuk-ri (old name of Mabuk-dong) in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do is overflowing with enthusiasm as the pros and the youth team accompany them.

Currently, the owner of the KCC training ground is the U-19 (under 19 years old) men’s national team. ‘Dream trees’ who dream of becoming professional players freely use the basketball court, weight training room, team cafeteria, and rest area.먹튀검증

The U-19 national team, led by head coach Lee Se-beom, will participate in the FIBA ​​U-19 Men’s Basketball World Cup held in Hungary from the 24th to July 2nd. As soon as the national team was convened, they entered Mabuk-ri from the 29th of last month and are sharing the training ground until the 10th.

As KCC entered a break after the 2022-2023 season, it underwent extensive repair work in preparation for the next season, such as waxing and coating the floor of the basketball court at the gym. The first user after the ‘renewal’ is the U-19 national team. The newly refurbished court may be damaged, but the KCC team readily provided it. In addition to training facilities such as gyms, they generously provide lunch and dinner according to the diet of professional athletes. Commonly, ‘Mabuk-ri cafeteria’ is known as a ‘training ground restaurant’ that is famous for its taste and quality, not to be envied by the national athletes’ village.

Of course, it doesn’t cost a dime. All are provided free of charge. The U-19 national team players have no choice but to be excited because they will live in the same training environment as the professional clubs.

Coach Lee and the team said in unison, “Thank you for lending us a training ground, but since you even consider meals that take nutritional supplements into account, we train even harder because we are grateful.”

This is not the first time KCC has accompanied a youth team. Last year, a training ground was provided with the same contents for the men’s U-16 and U-18 national teams. Even before the Corona 19 pandemic hit, when the youth national team couldn’t find a training ground and was on their feet, KCC became a ‘long-legged man’.

The youth basketball team is actually a ‘cold meal’. Unlike adult national team members, they cannot be summoned to the Jincheon National Training Center and have to find a training ground on their own. Considering the cost of the royal residence, he couldn’t even afford a decent gym, and he often went back and forth between college gymnasiums out of knowledge. Above all else, tight budgets are a problem. It was only possible to survive if one of the accommodations and food was in poor condition.

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