There are times when a word from a veteran resonates with a young player.

Kiwoom Heroes foreign pitcher Eric Yokishi found catcher Kim Dong-hun after becoming the winning pitcher in the Gocheok KIA match on the 14th. He said, “I missed about 2 or 3 balls, but thank you for catching them well.”

‘Catching the missing ball well’ means framing. Framing, in which a catcher turns a ball slightly out of the strike zone into a strike with an exquisite catch, started in the American Major League and is now considered one of the essential skills for catchers in the professional league. The framing made by Kim Dong-heon, a rookie catcher who joined Kiwoom as a 2023 rookie draft second round nomination, overcoming the tension was enough for Yokishi to raise his thumb. Kim Dong-heon expressed his gratitude, saying, “It feels really good and gives me a lot of strength to hear such words from a veteran pitcher like Yokishi, who played as the team’s ace for five years.”

Kim Dong-heon has been keeping the first team entry since joining the opening entry. It is a rare case for a new player to take his place in the first season of his debut in Kiwoom, a regular customer of fall baseball. It is also a proof that his skills have been recognized. Kim Dong-heon is not only on the 1st team entry board, but his playing time is also increasing. Following the 14th, he was named in the starting lineup on the 15th, and worked with Ariel Furado, who was in the midst of two consecutive losses, and contributed to a starter win with 1 run in 6 innings and the first win in the KBO League debut. Director Kiwoom Hong Won-ki said of Kim Dong-heon, “Looking at the process of resolving the crisis, the pitcher and breathing were good. In terms of defense and management, I can see a maturity that does not match his age.” ” he praised.

Kim Dong-heon mentioned senior catchers as the reason why he was able to quickly establish himself in the first team and said,스포츠토토 “Senior Lee Ji-young is very helpful just by watching him train. During the demonstration game, senior Kim Jae-hyun also helped him a lot. I want to be,” he said, expressing his gratitude. He said, “You can’t always be good at batting. The important thing for a catcher is defense. If I play good defense and help the team win even a little bit, that’s enough.” did.

On the 15th, in the game against Gocheok KIA, Kim Dong-heon faced Chungam Middle and High School 6-year-old Yoon Young-cheol and only scored a fly ball and four balls. However, he won by decision, contributing to Hurado’s first win and the team’s third consecutive win. His boldness unlike a rookie and his skills are worthy of a foreboding of the birth of a new hero.

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