It was a hitting cycler that was raised too quickly.

It was good during the trial game. At the beginning of the season, he was placed in number 4 before the opening, saying, “Our team has the best batting condition.” This is the story of Kang Han-wool (32), an infielder for the Samsung Lions who is entering the FA season.

However, in the regular season, he was caught in a downward cycle. After opening, he went hitless in three consecutive games.

The batting order, which used to go between the center batting line and the top hitter, was adjusted downward. However, his sense of hitting did not come back easily. After the match against SSG in Daegu on the 12th, his batting average fell below 10% (0.087) and was eventually canceled prior to the match against SSG on the 13th.

Since the batting cycle is not good, the advantage of a compact and concise swing, which is an advantage, did not come out.

However, he is a versatile and versatile fielder who can play any position in the field and is a chance maker and solver. He was willingly sent to the 2nd Army, and it was difficult for a long time.

Moreover, before Daegu SSG on the 11th, he seemed to come back to life, choosing hits and walks.

Bench anticipation revived. On the 12th, instead of Jae-il Oh, who was recently sluggish before SSG, he was upgraded to No. 5.

However, the day he was placed in the center again became the source of trouble.

Kang Han-wool, who started as the 5th shortstop, was twisted from the first at-bat. Park Seong-han’s infield hit hit in 3-yu was caught by Park Seong-han’s super hobi. He was hit by a jump throw after a reverse motion catch. Considering Kang Han-wool’s feet, it was a regrettable moment.

His most regretful at-bat was in the bottom of the 4th inning, right after the 0-1 lead was taken away. Samsung, which destroyed all the 1st and 3rd chances, seized the golden chance in the 4th. Leading players Lee Won-seok and Kang Min-ho’s consecutive hits led to 1st and 2nd bases safely. Kang Han-wool stood at bat. Pick out the first ball and second ball, 2B0S. In the third pitch, he hit the 143km fastball with all his might. But the result was a fly in left field. It was the worst result of not being able to make a true base hit. The cost of not making a true base hit was high. The chance was canceled by follow-up hitter Kim Dong-yeop’s double stroke.

After striking out Kang Han-wool in the 6th inning, he was replaced by pinch hitter Lee Jae-hyun in the last at-bat. No hit in 3 at-bats.

Bench watched the game that day and decided to join the second team. Decided to make some adjustments.

Kang Han-wool came up from the Futures League with coach Park Jin-man, who took office in August last year, and flew with a high batting average of 0.371 only in the second half. Looking only at the second half, he was at the MVP level.

Coincidentally, it overlapped with Park Jin-man’s appointment as acting manager, and even got the nickname ‘Park Jin-man’s man’.카지노

Director Park said, “Last year, when I was the coach of the Futures League, I mentored, saying, ‘If the direction you are going in baseball is not to hit a home run, it is more likely that you will be more successful in the future if you increase the number of pitches by the opponent pitcher and hit them simply.’ In doing so, the hitting speed actually increased,” he explained.

As the batting cycle fell, it is highly likely that the compact swing, which had been well made throughout the winter, grew bigger without knowing it. That’s when he regains that lean balance and he needs to return to the first team as soon as possible. Kang Han-wool’s strength is that he hits hard balls with a compact swing rather than sending them far.

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