The possibility of Jadon Sancho returning to Dortmund has been raised, but the odds of it happening seem low. The reason is money.

The relationship between Sancho and coach Erik ten Haag seems to have completely soured. First of all, Sancho came to Manchester United with great expectations. Although he is from Manchester City, he performed so well at Dortmund that he was designated as the number one target in every transfer window. He was unable to narrow the difference between Dortmund and Dortmund over the transfer fee and failed to recruit him, but finally succeeded in reaching an agreement in 2021.

The transfer fee was 75 million pounds (about 124.4 billion won). At the time, it was the 3rd highest transfer fee of all time. It was after Paul Pogba (105 million euros) and Harry Maguire (87 million euros) (now with Anthony coming, he is in 4th place). Because he showed overwhelmingly good performance in Dortmund, expectations were high at Manchester United as well. His great expectations turned out to be huge disappointments. It’s been three years since he came to Manchester United and he still hasn’t played his part.

His first season saw him appear in 29 Premier League (PL) games, scoring 3 goals and providing 3 assists. Last season he had 6 goals and 3 assists in his 26 games in the PL. It has not always had a large presence in competitions organized by the European Football Association (UEFA). In fact, it was the same in PL as well. He was the best player at Dortmund, but became a mediocre player at Manchester United. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ten Haag both tried to revive Sancho, but it was unclear which player he worked with and which position he was in.

With the arrival of Antony, the position was narrowed. There were times when Bruno Fernandes was used as a winger. This season, he appears to have been completely pushed back as a bench resource. After the match against Arsenal, manager Ten Haag was asked a question about Sancho. The question was why he was left off the list. There seemed to be a question as many responded that it was surprising that Sancho was excluded in a situation where there was a shortage of strikers.

Manager Ten Haag was adamant: “Sancho was not called up based on his performance in training. At Manchester United, you have to reach the highest level every day, so he was not selected for this game.” From a certain perspective, this may be a basic answer, but Sancho was angry. Personal “I believe there are other reasons for not being included in the list,” he said.

“I’ve been a victim for a long time. All I want to do is play football with a smile on my face and contribute to the team. I respect every decision made by the coaching staff, and I enjoy playing with fantastic players and taking on the challenge every week. “I am grateful. I will continue to fight for this badge no matter what happens,” he added.

It was similar to the protest-filled interview Cristiano Ronaldo gave when he was effectively kicked out of Manchester United. Mason Greenwood and Anthony suffered consecutive accidents, and with a lack of wingers, even Sancho protested, making the atmosphere at Manchester United even more chaotic. The British Mirror said: “Sancho believes there are reasons other than his training methods for not being selected. The rest of the players are not happy with Sancho’s reaction. Ten Haag is also very disappointed with Sancho’s reaction and is disappointed in the efforts to get him back. “Sancho, who was struggling both physically and mentally, trained in the Netherlands for several weeks with coaches recommended by coach Ten Haag, but failed to make an impact after returning,” he said, pointing out the reason for Sancho’s protest.

“Coach Ten Haag is under pressure due to injuries to key players and off-field issues involving Sancho and Anthony. Coach Ten Haag is losing patience with Sancho. He thought he did everything he could, but the level is not up to par. “I am disappointed with the performance in training below. It remains to be seen whether Sancho will be able to play under Ten Haag again,” he added.

There was a conversation between coach Ten Haag and Sancho, and it seemed like they were reconciling, but instead, their relationship seemed to have worsened. The British ‘Daily Star’ said, “Sancho had a conversation with coach Ten Haag after confronting him, but failed to reach an agreement. He is expected to leave the team in the January transfer window. The problematic star’s relationship with coach Ten Haag has completely broken down. “Even with his teammate Anthony missing due to violence charges, there is a high possibility that he will not return to the starting lineup. Sancho is having a negative influence on those around the team.”

Additionally, Sancho is expected to leave during the January transfer window and is expected to sign a loan deal for a permanent farewell next summer. He said, “My miserable life at Old Trafford will end.”

There were rumors of a return to Dortmund. The British newspaper The Sun said, “Sancho could be offered an escape from Dortmund. Manchester United ignored the loan deal promoted by Dortmund last January. “If Sancho and coach Ten Haag do not reconcile, Dortmund plans to start recruiting again in the next transfer window,” the report said.메이저사이트

Germany’s Sport Bild refuted. “After the interview with Sancho, the relationship between Sancho and coach Ten Haag became ambiguous. There are rumors of a return to Dortmund, but according to our information, the possibility seems slim. It is true that Dortmund is monitoring Sancho’s situation, but they are willing to pay him 300,000 pounds (about 500 million won) a week. “It’s an unmanageable situation. Dortmund is short on funds. We’ve put everything into recruiting Niklas Führkruk,” he said.

Sancho has a contract with Manchester United until June 2026. There are more than two years left on the contract. If there is no assumption of reconciliation, the situation will likely be resolved only when one of Sancho and Ten Haag leaves.

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