Ronaldo moved to Al Nasr after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Ronaldo’s life in Europe ended somewhat in vain. Before the World Cup, he appeared on the famous British journalist Piers Morgan’s talk show and poured out bad stories about Manchester United, his team at the time. Manchester United prepared a legal response to Ronaldo’s comments, and eventually terminated the contract with Ronaldo by mutual agreement. The official announcement was that the contract was terminated under agreement, but the feeling that Ronaldo had been kicked out of the team could not be erased.

His debut in Al Nasr also took a long time. It was discipline that stopped Ronaldo first. While playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo 메이저놀이터 was punished by a two-match ban from the FA for punching an Everton fan, and according to FIFA rules, that punishment continued even after Ronaldo joined Al Nasr.

Also, even after joining Al Nasr, Ronaldo was not registered on the player list for a while. This was because of the foreign quota system. Al-Nasr, who had already filled their quota, had to let go of Vincent Abubakar, who was playing for his former team, in order to include Ronaldo’s name on the squad. Ronaldo, who became an al-Nasr player with difficulty, finally made his official debut three weeks after joining. Ronaldo went into the game wearing the captain’s armband.

After a tough debut, Ronaldo’s performance was not very good. On this day, Ronaldo, who started as a forward striker, attempted two shots, but failed to score. In addition to this, Ronaldo created 2 chances, 1 successful dribble (100%), 1 successful ground competition (20%), 3 recoveries, and 3 ball dedications. Al Nasr won 1-0 with Anderson Talisca’s winning goal.

The ratings weren’t good either. The soccer statistics media ‘Potmob’ gave Ronaldo an rating of 6.9, which is the third lowest rating in the team after Abdulrahman Garib (6.3 points) and Gonzalo Martinez (6.8 points). With the exception of three players, including Ronaldo, all of Al-Nasr’s other players have a rating of 7 or higher. It is Ronaldo who had a tough game even before his debut.

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