It is necessary to pay attention to Oh Young-soo (23, NC Dinos), the ‘Changwon assault leader’.

Oh Young-soo is the NC hitter with the hottest sense of hitting in the demonstration game. In his first six games, he recorded a batting average of 40% (6 hits in 15 at-bats), and emerged as the team’s vitality along with Seo Ho-cheol (7 hits in 18 at-bats). In an interview with this magazine, he said, “In this spring camp, I did more training than before. I raised my condition a little earlier so that I could fit in the opening game.” He said, “I tried to concentrate more than ever. It seems that I focused on baseball while reducing energy consumption and concentrating on every moment when training.”

Oh Young-soo trained individually in Los Angeles, USA for about two weeks in early January. The agent arranged a place and had the batting mechanism checked at a baseball center called ‘The Ball Park’. He looked back, saying, “In the camps of the past few years, I only looked forward and ran, but this camp seems to have given me more space to find my own theme and train myself.” 

Last month, at the Arizona club camp in the United States, we delivered related information to Song Ji-man and Jeon Min-soo hitting coaches and discussed the direction. During the camp, coach Song Ji-man said, “Oh Young-soo had a high miss rate last year (11.6%, team average 9.4%). He went to the US to identify the problem and prepared for it during the off-season.” Through the interview, we had a conversation so that we could bring about a change in trust in the routine and perception of pitching.”

Oh Young-soo’s strength is offense. In 2017, when he was a junior in Masan Yongmago, he had a batting average of 0.353 (36 hits in 102 at-bats) in the high school league. NC, a ‘club related’ that noticed his performance, nominated Oh Young-soo as the 2018 rookie 2nd round 19th (down payment of 100 million won). Lim Seon-nam, general manager of NC NC, said, “From the beginning, I saw the bat and picked it. It is still (expected) the same.” . 

First baseman Jin-seong Kang (Doosan Bears) left the team as a compensation player for outfielder Park Gun-woo, who was recruited as a free agent (FA) in NC in December 2021. Following last year, this year, they recruited an outfielder (Jason Martin), not a first baseman, as a foreign hitter. The background of not reinforcing the first baseman from outside reflected the strong will to give Oh Young-soo a chance.

Oh Young-soo, who made his debut in the first team in 2018, started his military service in Sangmu Baseball Team in June 2020. A forgotten player for a while, he returned to the team last year and hit six homers in the first team, drawing attention from coach Kang In-kwon. Although he had a low batting average (0.238), he was recognized as a possibility. 2nd Division (Futures League) His batting average reached 40% with a whopping 0.387 (29 hits in 75 at-bats). It is to the point that people inside and outside the team say, “There is nothing more to show in the second team.” With the addition of a strong hit in the demonstration game, it seems to have solidified its starting position to some extent. The first baseman in the opening game is likely. 

Oh Young-soo, a former third baseman,스포츠토토 laughed, saying, “The (first base) defense is not stable yet.” He continued, “I also want to create a memorable season for the fans. I’ve had a lot of experience over the past time,” he said. I want to play in the game and hit a double-digit home run,” he said with strength.  

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